Will Ferrell
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Roll the Credits is back after hitting their 20K listeners milestone and they reflect on that journey. They then turn their attention to Will Ferrell who unfortunately got the raw end of the deal this week with some pretty low scores. Tina's movie brings up the conversation of natural disasters and which one you would want to find yourselves in if you had to choose. Ryan's limited series focuses on therapy and he picks Tina's brain on how it all works. All that and more on this week's episode of RTC!
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We have made it to Episode 100!! Please join Ryan and Tina as well as a few special guests for a fun episode of reminiscing back on the first 100 episodes, a competitive game of Jeopardy and looking forward for what is to come! We thank you guys for all the support!!
Published 08/17/22
Published 08/02/22
Roll the Credits is back with Episode 99!! Tina is in a new apartment and Ryan talks about the best part of his day before they dive into one of Ryan's favorite actors, J.K. SImmons. Unfortunately, he didn't make a great pick as his movie failed to deliver in his eyes. It did spark a conversation...
Published 08/02/22