On this week's "Cosell's Concepts" RTFP, Greg & Ross talk about the no huddle offense, why teams run it, the three different variations, & how defenses adjust to it. Also, Greg evaluates Dwayne Haskins heading into his second NFL season, plus his thoughts on Raheem Mostert & his trade demands.
Published 07/10/20
Andrew & Ross discuss Patrick Mahomes record setting contract, DeSean Jackson's anti-semitic comments (& apologies), the Redskins probable name change (& minority ownership divesting), & the NFL/NFLPA Traning Camp/Covid negotiations on today's podcast.
Published 07/08/20
Former Chargers team physician, Dr. David Chao (@ProFootballDoc) talks with Ross about how football & Covid-19 can co-exist this football season, what concerns he has, what special precautions are necessary. Also, they talk about Cam Newton's health issues and what his season may look like in New England.
Published 07/06/20
Cam to the Patriots is a perfect time for Ross & Greg to dive into the QB centric run game on this week's 'Cosell's Concepts.'
Published 07/03/20
Andrew & Ross discuss Cam Newton's deal with the Patriots, New England's punishment for filming the Bengals sideline last season & the timing of the punishment press release, the NFLPA's memo re: Covid-19 safety, & more.
Published 06/30/20
Booger McFarland returns to the podcast to talk with Ross about the Patriots signing Cam Newton, his time on MNF, Bradymania in Tampa, & more.
Published 06/29/20
Cosell's Concepts continues on today's pod as Ross & Greg dive into the run game.
Published 06/26/20
On today's show, Andrew & Ross talk about Dak Prescott signing the Franchise Tag, the NFL's claim that safety is the top priority, a potential shortened preseason, & more.
Published 06/24/20
College OL prospect Nolan Rucci talks with Ross about his NFL aspirations and the pressure of being #1 OL in the country.
Published 06/22/20
On today's pod, Ross & Greg Cosell talk Jamal Adams, Deebo Samuel, and one of the most underrated aspects of the NFL.
Published 06/19/20
On today's pod, Andrew & Ross talk about the NFL players video that led to Commissioner Goodell's statement, Cowboys & Texans players testing positive for Covid-19, Lamar Jackson's jet ski incident, & John Harbaugh's comments about the Covid 19 rules.
Published 06/17/20
Former NFL DB Jason Bell talks about having the toughest job in the NFL as a player. He & Ross also discuss how he became one of the primary NFL voices in the UK.
Published 06/15/20
This week on Cosell's Concepts, Greg & Ross dive deep into the different zone coverages.
Published 06/12/20
Former Titans head coach Mike Mularkey is today's guest with Ross. Mike talks about retiring at age 58 and what he's doing now.
Published 06/10/20
Former Eagles & Browns LB Emmanuel Acho talks about his video series, "Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man" on today's podcast.
Published 06/08/20
On this week's 'Cosell's Concepts,' Greg & Ross talk about the strengths & weaknesses of man to man coverage. They discuss Cover 0, Cover 1, & 2 man. They also talk about the best route combinations against them.
Published 06/05/20
On today's podcast, Ross & Andrew discuss George Floyd's impact on sports, the upcoming NFL vs. NFLPA negotiations, NFL team PR statements, & much more.
Published 06/03/20
Albert Breer, Senior NFL Reporter for the MMQB joins Ross on today's podcast to talk about the rule changes in the NFL this season. They discuss some of the rules that were changed...and why some weren't.
Published 06/01/20
Greg & Ross discuss defensive personnel groupings on today's podcast including Nickel, Big Nickel, Dime, etc. They also talk about hybrid players, 3-4 vs 4-3 defenses, & more.
Published 05/29/20
Ross & Andrew talk about why the NFL leaked the proposed Rooney rule incentive, how part of "The Last Dance" reminded Andrew of Brett Favre in Green Bay, & could there be a labor standoff between the NFL & NFLPA like MLB is having?
Published 05/27/20
Former Cleveland Browns Tackle Joe Thomas is today's guest with Ross. They talk about his post football workout routine, playing his entire NFL career in Cleveland, & the arm length fallacy.
Published 05/25/20
Greg & Ross take a deep dive into personnel groupings (11, 21, 22). They discuss what they mean, why some teams (Saints & Patriots) use many different groupings, & why other teams stay in the same grouping a large percentage of the time.
Published 05/22/20
Andrew has a unique perspective on the NFL's minority hiring initiative. He & Ross also talk about the competitive balance in the NFL with some team facilities opening and Aaron Rodgers comments about the Packers drafting Jordan Love.
Published 05/20/20
Warren & Ross continue their conversation on the 2020 NFL schedule. This week they discuss which teams have the hardest & easiest schedules.
Published 05/18/20
Greg & Ross continue their conversation on the RPO. This week they focus on different options for the defense.
Published 05/15/20