Dealing With The Anxiety Of Finding Your Purpose
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Purpose anxiety...I’m talking about that pressure to find your purpose, to have everything figured out, to know exactly what you’re meant to be doing on this earth and to achieve amazing things.  So how do we live amazing lives, without pushing so hard that we miss all the beauty along the way? This is what I want to share with you in this episode: 00:00 Intro 00:37 An Evening with Elizabeth Gilbert: Insights on Purpose 01:05 The Pressure of Finding Our Purpose 02:33 My Journey from Crisis to Clarity 04:11 Achieving Goals and the Void That Follows 05:41 Questioning the Dream: What's Next After Success? 08:35 Living in the Present vs. Chasing Dreams 12:01 Gratitude: A Key to Living in the Moment 13:23 Redefining Purpose: Experience Over Achievement 17:46 My Final Thoughts on Purpose and Living the Dream DM me on @iamcarriegreen and let me know what living the dream means to you and how you feel about finding your purpose.
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