Finding Your Entrepreneurial Self Again After Having Kids With Adrienne Dorison
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As women, one of the things that usually has the biggest impact on our entrepreneurial journey is having kids. For me, I felt like I had no creative spark or motivation left for my business after I had kids and I gave myself the hardest time about it. Then last year, I came across a post on Instagram by my friend Adrienne Dorison, Founder of Run Like Clockwork, and it felt like she was speaking directly to me because she had the exact same experience with struggling to get back to business after having kids. I’ve been meaning to invite Adrienne on the podcast for ages and we finally made it happen! I’m really excited to share this chat with you where we talked about: 1:33 Navigating Motherhood and Business 13:43 Redefining Success and Setting Boundaries 28:15 Balancing Business and Personal Life 29:27 The 4 D's for organising your time 32:00 The Importance of White Space 38:20 Leadership and Team Management 45:02 Rediscovering Yourself Post-Motherhood Read the show notes>>
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