Achieve your goals faster and with less friction. Co-hosts Matt Purcell and Matthew Holland speak to JP Mills from CFO Centre about how you can build your small to medium business by using a part-time CFO.
Published 07/29/19
Always be ready to sell. Co-hosts Matt Purcell and Matthew Holland chat to Paul Smith from Mentored Business Sales about how SME owners can prepare their business to ensure they get the best price possible.
Published 07/22/19
Running a business with your other half can pose many challenges but success stories do exist. Co-hosts Matt Purcell and Matthew Holland chat to clinical psychologist, Dr Gavin Brown, about how to avoid stress, anxiety and resentment when starting a business with your spouse. 
Published 07/15/19
How to create a financial forecast. Co-hosts Matt Purcell and Matthew Holland chat to Peter Foster from Financial Strategic Insights about what financial forecasting means, and why it’s a crucial process for any business that wants to achieve profitable growth and success. In this series, Mark Bouris, host of The Mentor, provides full access to his amazing team of mentors. For even more info, check out The Mentor podcast. 
Published 07/08/19
Struggling with employee engagement? Julian Carle from Synergen Group, explains how by leading with an emotional intelligence mindset, you can help motivate employees, drive productivity - and ultimately, increase the revenue of your SME.
Published 07/01/19
What is a brand and how can you build one that makes an impact? Stella Gianotto from Brand for Brands Agency explains how to get started creating your SME's brand - even if you don't have a budget.
Published 06/23/19
Top customer service tips for your SME. Award-winning cafe owner, George James, reveals the secret to improving your customer service and what to do when you get a bad review.
Published 06/17/19
What to do when your competitor closes down. Head of Strategy and Growth for Web Profits, Duncan Jones, discusses why planning ahead for this potentially game-changing opportunity is essential for any SME.
Published 05/27/19
What do Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey have in common? SME Experts, Michael Bova and Mark Pinhorn, reveal the top 5 attributes of successful entrepreneurs - and how you can apply them in your business.
Published 05/20/19
Rise above the rest. Host Craig West, from Mentored.com.au chats with Tim Chamberlain from Benchmarking Data & Research about the tool that can help your SME set the industry benchmark.
Published 05/13/19
The workplace vs the animal kingdom. Host Craig West, from Mentored.com.au, speaks with Ian Schubach, founder of Red Leaf Group and former game park ranger, about the importance of creating the right culture for your small business.
Published 05/06/19
Manage your stock in real time, without the headache. Host Craig West, from Mentored.com.au, chats with Rhys Roberts from Cloudsolve, about why so many SMEs struggle to manage inventory and the best systems to put in place for small businesses.
Published 04/29/19
Leaders need to work on the business, not in the business. Host Craig West, from Mentored.com.au, speaks with Daniel Murray from Empathic Consulting, about how to delegate, prioritise and focus on the strategic side of your SME.
Published 04/22/19
When it comes to insurance, cutting corners is a huge risk for any SME. Host Craig West, from Mentored.com.au, discusses how to protect your business in the case of an unexpected event, with Mario Cuenca from Emjay Insurance.
Published 04/15/19
Don't get left behind. Host Craig West from Mentored, speaks with Managing Director of Struber, Julie Castle, about how a culture of innovation can improve business performance and how to create one in your workplace.
Published 04/08/19
Score extra funding for your SME. Host Craig West chats to Marcus Webb from BSI Grants to find out what government grants are available and what your business needs to do to qualify for them.
Published 04/01/19
Elevate the credibility of your brand. Host Craig West, chats with founder of Wordstorm PR, Monica Rosenfeld, about top mistakes SMEs make when pitching mainstream media and how to avoid them.
Published 03/25/19
Are you an empathetic leader? Host and CEO of Mentored, Craig West, speaks with Daniel Murray from Empathic Consulting about the direct impact empathy can have on business performance.
Published 03/18/19
Market and grow your SME using social media. Host and CEO of Mentored, Craig West, chats with entrepreneur and business mentor, Matt Purcell, about which platforms you should be across and how to nail the perfect post.
Published 03/11/19
Performance-based hiring. Host and CEO of Mentored, Craig West, speaks to Tom Hitchcock from Purple Patch Consulting about new recruitment technique that will save you time and money down the track.
Published 03/04/19
Nail your sales technique. Host and CEO of Mentored, Craig West, speaks to author of Unlock the Game, Ari Galper, to find out how to overcome rejection and shift your sales mindset.
Published 02/25/19
Marketing to bottom line. Host and CEO of Mentored, Craig West, speaks with Kelly Berger from Business Simplicity about the importance of putting systems in place so that you can concentrate on making more money, improving staff workflow, keeping things running while you're not there and - when the time comes - selling your business effectively.
Published 02/18/19
Get "sticky" with your customers. Derek Baines from Qantas Business Rewards explains how to earn the trust of your customers, the importance of repeat traffic and how you can utilise the loyalty programs of other businesses, to save your small to medium business money.
Published 02/11/19
Cashflow is key when it comes to small business. Sarah Stein from Miss Efficiency explains how to avoid a cashflow hole, what to do if you find yourself in one and the most headache-free ways to juggle your bills, invoices, payroll and tax payments.
Published 02/04/19
Expand your market. Host and CEO of Mentored, Craig West, speaks to online retail expert Jen McCloy about the top mistakes SMEs make when venturing online and how create an attractive and seamless consumer experience, in the age of the internet.
Published 01/28/19