When Nick Evans get calls for a Mozambique Spitting Cobra in a property where there are dogs, he always worries. Cobras don't attack dogs, but dogs attack them, and other snakes. If the dog does attack, they're in for a nasty surprise, as some of these dogs at a home in Hillary found out. "It's like a snakes version of pepper spray!" says Nick. "Most of the time the snake escapes unharmed. Most of the time." And very, very rarely do dogs get bitten. They usually just get temporarily...
Published 06/21/21
Published 06/21/21
Imagine doing a little gardening, only to discover a deadly snake coiled up in the leaves! That's exactly what happened to a Durban homeowner who got one major surprise when she realised she wasn't just raking up leaves. A Puff Adder had chosen her leaf-covered lawn to get cosy! That's when she called Snake Rescue's Nick Evans, who raced to the Upper Highway area to help. Puff Adders have keeled scales, giving their skin a slightly rough appearance as opposed to the smooth and sometimes...
Published 06/14/21
Imagine seeing a very large Black Mamba casually slithering into your home, through the lounge and down the passage, past your child's bathroom, and into a bedroom? It happened in Reservoir Hills recently, and Nick Evans rushed to the rescue.
Published 06/07/21
During Lockdown Level 3, Snake Rescue's Nick Evans received a call to help retrieve a Black Mamba from a storeroom at horse stables on the KZN North Coast. A large storage area full of big boxes and all sorts of things for a snake to hide under or behind-not an ideal situation for a snake catcher, but a great place for a Black Mamba! Nick had lots to move at these stables. It was hard work in hot weather! "The mamba was trying its best to stay hidden away from me, showing how these snakes...
Published 05/31/21
On this Snake Rescue call, Nick Evans went to remove a Black Mamba from a perfect mamba hotel. It was securely tucked away in a garage roof on a Westville property! The garage roof provided warmth and shelter, and probably the odd rat for the snake. And in the water drains below, along the roadside, were an abundance of Dassies, whose young are a favorite meal for Black Mambas. The property also had a nature reserve in the back yard. All in all, prime mamba habitat. However, not everyone...
Published 05/24/21
This was a really exciting call out for Nick Evans because it was for a snake he hadn't caught in years - a Forest Cobra! "This snake really played hard to get, and it took a few trips to actually catch it. On one of those trips, we worked for ages, doing proper manual labour. It all paid off in the end!" recalls Nick. * More from Nick: Forest Cobras are a beautiful snake species found on the KZN North Coast, and become more and more common further north. So not a snake we see around...
Published 05/17/21
Snake Rescue's Nick Evans received a call from the Bellair area of Durban, and he could hear some panic in the background. There was apparently a really big Black Mamba in a shrub between two properties. "When I arrived, this snake decided to make my life difficult - it went into the roof of the one property- a high roof at that!" recalls Nick. "Luckily, the residents were very helpful, and we also had many eyes scanning to see if the mamba came out. Still, as you will hear, that didn't make...
Published 05/10/21
Black Mambas do enjoy a bird or two for lunch. When this mamba sniffed out caged parakeets, it couldn't resist popping in for a meal. However, it all went wrong for the snake. Not only did it not catch a meal, but it managed to get itself stuck! This was quite a challenging and stressful rescue for Nick Evans! *Multiple birds were kept in multiple properties bordering a valley (mamba habitat). A mamba visitor was inevitable. Please don't panic if you have a pet bird, especially if you do...
Published 04/26/21
In the latest Snake Rescue podcast, Nick Evans is called back to a factory at Cato Ridge, outside Durban, where he’s been for a snake rescue before. Previously, Nick was called out there in the early hours of one morning to capture a decent sized python. On this particular day though, there was a different kind of snake - a highly venomous one at that - a Puff Adder! "It had ventured indoors and into a place where the snake could bump into humans, with an unpleasant outcome for both...
Published 04/20/21
In fairly recent times, Snake Rescue’s Nick Evans has been called out twice to the same construction site in the Sibaya area of the KZN North Coast, to remove Green Mambas, both on scaffolding. “As completion of the development neared, I figured that's it for the Green Mamba calls from there. Well, I was wrong, and a third was in store for me,” says Nick. Green Mambas are generally restricted to the KZN coastline, in the lush, coastal forests, seldom venturing further inland. However, their...
Published 04/12/21
Hamsters are cute little pets. However, snakes don't see them that way. To some snakes, hamsters are a very tasty snack. In the latest Snake Rescue podcast, with Nick Evans, he deals with a case where a black mamba picked up the scent of a pet hamster, and moved in. "A young man had been 'hamster-sitting' his little sister's pet while she was away. You can imagine the shock and horror he experienced when he went to check on it, and found a black mamba in the hamster cage, with a bulge in the...
Published 04/05/21
The highly venomous black mamba snakes don't usually inspire much laughter in those who come across them. However, in the crazy world of Snake Rescue's Nick Evans, this was the case one evening in Durban. "I was called to Reservoir Hills, for a black mamba hiding among some clutter in a space between two walls. It sounded easy enough. I might need to move things, but the mamba surely had nowhere to go. Right? Wrong!" recalls Nick. "This turned into a very difficult catch. However, despite...
Published 03/29/21
Season 2 of Snake Rescue with Nick Evans kicks off with a bang with Nick being called to a south Durban home for a brown snake under a patio. Little did he know at the time that it was to become one of his most exciting call-outs. Find out what went down in Snake Rescue...
Published 03/22/21
We've seen seasoned snake catcher Nick Evans rescuing snakes and issuing warnings and valuable information about the different species of snakes, but what happens after they are rescued? This week Nick Evans tells us all about it.
Published 10/26/20
After weeks and months of giving us valuable information about snakes - from the various spcies to warnings, bites, myths and more - Nick Evans tells us how he turned his passion into a career... which actually started off as a love for dinosaurs
Published 10/19/20
The Rinkhals is a highly venomous snake that occurs in our species-rich province, and if you like visiting the Midlands and Drakensberg, is one you should know about. Nick Evans shares all we need to know about this snake - from bites to poison in your eyes and its sneaky habit of laying dead.
Published 10/12/20
There's no doubt that snakes are feared around the world, but most of the time, this is caused by the many myths and beliefs that are spread. Ever heard that snakes move in pairs or as a family? Is this true? This is one of the beliefs that seasoned snake catcher Nick Evans discusses and many others on this episode of Snake Rescue Extra.
Published 10/05/20
A snakebite is something the majority of people fear. It is listed as a neglected tropical disease by the World Health Organization, and affects thousands upon thousands of people throughout Africa each year. In this podcast, Nick Evans discusses how bites happen; snakebites in KwaZulu-Natal; what to do and what not to do in the event of a snakebite, and more!
Published 09/21/20
Well, you should never pick up any snake that you come across. However, this snake, the Bibron's Stiletto Snake, is one you would seriously regret picking up. Every summer, Nick Evans gets many phone calls from people who have picked up a Stiletto Snake, thinking that it's harmless, and then wanting to know what it is. Shortly after, those who'd picked up the snake and received a bite, are in a lot of pain and end up in hospital. Listen to Nick talk about the Stiletto Snake in this latest...
Published 09/14/20
Did you know, the snake with the most toxic venom, drop for drop, in South Africa, is not the Black Mamba? It is, in fact, the Boomslang! In this week's episode of Snake Rescue Extra, Nick discusses the habits and venom of this highly venomous but shy snake.
Published 09/06/20
This week on Snake Rescue Extra snake expert Nick Evans looks at two of KZN's most common 'Adder' snakes; the Rhombic Night Adder and the Puff Adder, as he dispels myths and distinguishes the key differences between the two species. Although both snake bites are painful, bites by a Puff Adder can be fatal.
Published 08/31/20
South Africa's largest snake, the Southern African Python, is sadly on the protected species list due to illegal hunting. This week on Snake Rescue Extra, snake expert and podcast host Nick Evans issues a warning to those who kill or keep this snake as a pet. He also talks about the dangers of being bitten by one.
Published 08/24/20
Spring is around the corner and that means the spitting cobras are waking up. This week on Snake Rescue Extra, snake expert and podcast host Nick Evans provides insight and precautions to take when treating bites and venomous spit by the this snake
Published 08/17/20
Snakes around Durban are mostly inactive due to it being winter. So while we wait for them to wake up, Nick's bringing you Snake Rescue Extra - where we find out about Durban and KZN's most common snakes. The Black Mamba is certainly one of the most feared snakes in the whole world. Nick busts some common myths around these massive serpents and warns about the dangers of you or your animals approaching them.
Published 08/10/20