It's time to get cranked up and drive into Furious 7! We finally tackle the opening 15 minutes of 2015's Fast & Furious entry and, sadly, the last featuring Paul Walker. Next, we get a proper introduction to Deckard Shaw and his first meeting with Luke Hobbs. Yeah, remember when he had a first name?? Anyway, join as we crack open this bad boy and try not to spend too much time complaining about Furious 9. We'll get there! For now, vroom vroom bitches!
Published 08/10/21
Published 08/10/21
We're still alive! We're back again and ready to wrap up the tale of Sean and his wayward trip to Tokyo. When last we left the gearhead fish out of water, he'd found himself facing the Drift King once more. With Han gone, can Sean beat DK? Or will he be forced to leave Japan in disgrace forever?? Join us as we look at the final minutes of Tokyo Drift!
Published 01/13/21
Hey, FFers! We're back with a quick Lockdown Special. We cover a bit of Fast & Furious news, give our quarantine movie recommendations, and announce plans for some fun upcoming stuff! Check it out and stay tuned for more So Fast So Furious!
Published 07/14/20
With Han seemingly gone forever, Sean decides that he needs to fix everything himself. There's a tense showdown with DK, then a tense showdown with Uncle Kamata, and then a longer but still intense drifting showdown with DK. We get into some Yakuza history, talk more Sonny Chiba, and much more in this 15 minutes of Tokyo Drift. It's another fun episode as always so check it out!
Published 02/28/20
Sean is finally getting the hang of this whole "drifting" thing and meanwhile, he's getting DK even more pissed by continuing to pursue Neela. We're introduced to Uncle Kamata, played by the legendary Sonny Chiba, and get to see a little of what makes DK tick. Things come to a head though and Sean and Han find themselves in a deadly high speed chase with DK and Morimoto. We cover the "death" of Han here as well as the end-credit scene from Fast & Furious 6! So hit that download button...
Published 02/22/20
It's a special mini-episode today as we break down the Fast & Furious 9 trailer! And what a trailer it is. There's action, great character moments, and two major movie spoilers that would have been way cooler if they'd been saved for the movie. But oh well! We discuss it all here so check it out!
Published 02/07/20
It's time to start drifting! In this fifteen minutes of Tokyo Drift, Han finally starts showing Sean the fundamentals of drifting, and we also find out that Sean isn't the only gearhead in his family. We're joined be the hilarious and insightful writer and comedian Ed Salazar to break it all down. Buckle in and hit that subscribe button!
Published 01/20/20
In this fifteen minutes of Tokyo Drift, we see Han take Sean under his wing and bring him into the world of organized crime... kinda. We're joined with two awesome guests this week: Comic writer and singer/songwriter Daniel Corey, and singer and vocal artist Rene Ruiz who help us dissect this clash of cultures! It's another fun episode as always so check it out!
Published 01/08/20
In the second 15 minutes of Tokyo Drift, we continue with Sean's introduction to Japan. Sean befriends another young American student who calls himself Twinkie, attends a Fast & Furious style drift racing party, and runs afoul of DK, the DRIFT KING! We also run into a familiar face at the drift racing party, good old Han. This episode is a wild one so settle in and check it out!
Published 12/24/19
It's time to take a detour from the story of Brian O'Conner and Dom Toretto, as we dive into the first fifteen minutes of Tokyo Drift! We're introduced to the main white guy of the movie, Sean Boswell, (played by actual southerner Lucas Black) as he starts a new school. Of course, he immediately gets into a dangerous car race with a jock bro over a girl who honestly may be a psychopath. This all results in Sean getting kicked out of school and sent to Tokyo There are a LOT of questionable...
Published 12/01/19
Join us for a mini-episode of So Fast So Furious as we review Fast & Furious: Supercharged, the attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood. Actually, it's more accurate to say it's a small part of the Studio Tour and not all that long. But still, it's Fast & Furious so we're gonna cover it! Plus, it seems to take place concurrently with Furious 6 so it's gotta be canon. Right? Either way, it's a fun show as always so check it out!
Published 11/03/19
We finally wrap up Fast and Furious 6 with the culmination of the big airplane sequence (on the thousand mile runway) that include some MAJOR character moments. Not only that, but we're finally back to recording in person! Join us as we discuss the final 15 minutes of one of the best Fast & Furious entries. It's a fun episode as always, so check it out!
Published 10/10/19
This fifteen minutes of Fast and Furious 6 is PACKED with action, emotion, and even some humor. What more could you ask for?? And if that's not enough, we also get the ultimate display of Dom's affection by his physics-defying rescue of Letty. And that's not even the climax of the movie! Join us as we gush over this action movie perfection in another fun episode of So Fast So Furious!
Published 09/20/19
We're an hour and fifteen minutes into Fast & Furious 6 and we get one of the best scenes in the series with Dom facing off with Owen Shaw. This scene brilliantly lays out why Owen is the anti-Dom and displays how the two characters are alike and also very different. From there, we go to what Justin Lin himself describes as "boring b******t" for a few minutes and then finally move on to one of the two big set-pieces of the film, the tank chase! It's a fun episode as always so check it out!
Published 09/09/19
In this episode of So Fast So Furious, we attempt to tackle one of the bigger plot holes in the series with the events surrounding Letty's death and who or what was buried in that LA cemetery next to the oil tanks. Other than that, we also get some really great stuff in this 15 minutes including a fight between Brian and Braga, the most convoluted race start yet, and also one of the best scenes in the entire series with Dom trying to get Letty back. Ride or die, remember??
Published 09/01/19
We're back with minutes 45 through 60 of Fast & Furious 6! Letty is starting to have doubts about Owen Shaw and Dom's team uncovers a secret connection to a past enemy. There's a ton of great stuff in this section including Letty getting really physical for the first time in the series, a great Han & Roman team-up, and arguably the best Hobbs scene so far. It's a fun show as always so check it out!
Published 08/20/19
Buckle in for another episode of So Fast So Furious where we're joined by comedian Rivers Langley (The Goods from the Woods Podcast) to tackle minutes 30 through 45 of Fast & Furious 6. Things are heating up with Owen's group of bad guys while Letty wonders who that handsome bulky man was she shot. We talk Diesel vs. Rock, good comedy vs. bad comedy, and way too much pro wrestling. Check it out and don't forget to give us a review and subscribe!
Published 08/06/19
We're back and diving right back into Fast and Furious 6! This is a jam-packed 15 minutes where we get all the set-up and mission specifics (or do we?), learn about Mia's new teleportation abilities, and discuss an extended action scene that may or may not have been influenced by The Dark Knight. The whole So Fast So Furious crew is complete again but we're still in separate locations so we apologize for some of the sound quality. But it's still a fun episode as always so check it out!
Published 07/19/19
We take a short detour from Furious 6 to discuss the Fast & Furious Musical Parody we saw recently as well as a shocking amount of Fast & Furious news. It's a mini-episode this week so take your 10-second car for a spin and check out this week's episode of the ultimate Fast & Furious podcast, So Fast So Furious!
Published 06/24/19
Hey everybody! Here's a quick update on the show. We haven't been posting episodes as frequently and there's a totally legit reason why. First things first, WE ARE NOT QUITTING, FIGHTING, OR LAZY! Some things have just come up, and we are working on dealing with them and getting things back to a more regular schedule. Be patient with us please, and thank you! You guys are the best! -Anthony
Published 06/20/19
Furious 6! Or... Fast and Furious 6. Either way, we’re on to the sixth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise and the first 15 minutes is packed with lots of great stuff. We’re introduced to Agent Riley Hicks, witness Luke Hobbs give zero fs, and also get to listen to Brian complain about living in a mansion. Plus we meet baby Jack O’Conner! All this and more on another fun episode of So Fast So Furious!
Published 06/07/19
We're finally at the Fast Five finale and we're reminded why this movie is rated so highly. Because the last act is excellent. There's plenty of action and seeing Hobbs partner with Dom & Brian is a lot of fun. We get the vault sequence, Hobbs badass revenge on Reyes and of course, Dom outsmarting everybody. It's another fun episode as always so hit that download button!
Published 05/31/19
As we start the final act of Fast Five, the action ramps up and heads into overdrive. We're joined by stunt man and fight choreographer Mario Rocha to break down the fights, the explosions, and the insane stunts that make up the last half hour of Fast Five. Buckle in for another fun episode of So Fast So Furious!
Published 05/17/19
Fast Five continues and we're on the verge of the final act. Things are finally starting to come together as Dom retrieves his lucky silver cross necklace plus Brian and Mia reveal their big news to the rest of the crew. Oh, and everyone prepares to rob an evil overlord of $100 million. So there's a lot going on. We're joined by writer and fellow FFer, Christian Krauspe, to nitpick it all to death. Hit that download button and buckle in for another fun episode of So Fast So Furious!
Published 05/10/19