MINI: My Internet Search History
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We all know Sofia is not a doctor, but she does have a degree in Googling. In today's seminar, Sofia lectures on the wealth of knowledge she’s uncovered from her borderline obsessive internet deep dives. Sofia's search terms include but are not limited to: flower maintenance, the science of honey, and the BS of IVs. Sloots, what's your hyper-fixation atm? To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Thanks for writing, Sloots! In this Mini, Sofia walks you through the decision to stay in a relationship after cheating, and helps you find the perfect man to break your 6 month dry streak. And lastly, Sofia addresses why she hasn't made an Only Fans... (spoiler: it's a lot of admin.)...
Published 07/22/24
Published 07/22/24
Introducing the Hamptons newest resident: Sofia Franklyn - you can hold the applause. The weekend started off like any other relaxing weekend for Sofia: blasting Lana Del Rey and convincing herself that she won’t go out tonight. The weekend ended also like any other relaxing weekend for Sofia: a...
Published 07/18/24