Comma is a startup aimed at solving self-driving cars. A lot of the new cars in the market have built-in stock Advanced driver assistance systems. Comma takes this system to the next level with Openpilot. Openpilot is an open-source driver assistance system. Currently, with features like Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Automated Lane Centering (ALC), Forward
Published 12/06/22
Monolithic relational databases are the traditional foundation of financial core ledger systems. Nevertheless, the process of building and operating mission critical financial ledgers on these databases, and implementing homegrown accounting models, is a journey fraught with engineering challenges. Twisp has set out to rethink the underlying technology for financial ledger systems by combining the operational
Published 12/02/22
Published 12/02/22
Java Applications became the go-to preference of most developers because of the write-once-run-anywhere advantage it gave over other languages. And it didn’t take much time for Java to become the language for the enterprise. Consequently, most enterprises are still running legacy Java Monoliths on their infrastructure. Breaking up a monolith is not an easy process–nor
Published 11/30/22
When Web Assembly was created it was supposed to be a compile target, where you could compile your favorite programming language and then execute it inside of a web browser. This made it possible for developers to choose a programming language like C++ for compute intensive applications. Fermyon is taking Web Assembly to the cloud.
Published 11/26/22
If you are a company with a large pool of physical servers, and compute resources sitting in the data center, and you want to use them efficiently, one way to do that would be to virtualize them. Then you can use those smaller virtual compute resources to run whatever workloads you need. VMware is a
Published 11/18/22
With an increasing number of data breaches impacting customer trust, prioritizing data privacy and security is more important than ever. However, as you layer on security and privacy, the overall complexity of a system grows and the data gets harder to use. There’s a constant push and pull between securing and locking down the data
Published 11/16/22
The complexity of the software infrastructure has been increasing as companies have migrated towards kubernetes, containers, microservices and other distributed systems. However the tools around observability and monitoring have not seen much improvement. These tools are usually managed by teams distributed across different locations and time zones, which results in siloing of knowledge of your
Published 11/15/22
The Presto/Trino project makes distributed querying easier across a variety of data sources. As the need for machine learning and other high volume data applications has increased, the need for support, tooling, and cloud infrastructure for Presto/Trino has increased with it. Starburst helps your teams run fast queries on any data source. With Starburst you
Published 11/11/22
Building and managing data-intensive applications has traditionally been costly and complex, and has placed an operational burden on developers to maintain as their organization scales. Todays’ developers, data scientists, and data engineers need a streamlined, single cloud data platform for building applications, pipelines, and machine learning models — without having to move or copy their
Published 11/07/22
Companies are rapidly moving to the cloud, and modern businesses are operating faster with a myriad of SaaS tools in their day-to-day operations. Provisioning resources has been easier than ever. With a few clicks you can spin up resources in any part of the world. While we all love the cloud because of the scalability
Published 11/03/22
Mikko Hypponen is the CRO of WithSecure and a principal research Officer at F-Secure. In this interview with our host, Jordi Mon, he discusses the eventful and rocky early start of his software engineering career, hybrid warfare, reverse engineering, recent exploits like Log for Shell and heart bleed, and more. This episode is packed with
Published 11/01/22
React is the most widely used front-end framework. It pioneered the component model and influenced the software design of all modern web applications. React is not an opinionated tool, allowing engineers to shape their applications in a way that fits the problems at hand. However, this freedom of expression can be very confusing to newcomers.
Published 10/26/22
Observability is a critical aspect of modern digital applications. You can’t operate an application at scale that satisfies your customer needs without understanding how the application is currently performing, whether it’s understanding the current operating needs of the application, adjusting resource usage, detecting issues before they become serious or solving an ongoing technical issue as
Published 10/20/22
The classical computing power has doubled every two years – a pattern known as Moore’s law. However, the ability to fabricate more and more transistors in a computer chip is approaching saturation as we are approaching atomic dimensions. Quantum Computing is a promising technology to take us beyond this. A quantum Computer uses qubits to
Published 10/18/22
The Java Virtual Machine is an abstract machine that makes it possible for you to write Java code once and run it across multiple devices and operating system types. While you can use the OpenJDK it comes with various issues like Security Vulnerabilities and compliance. Azul is a company that specializes in Java for the
Published 10/15/22
Passwordless Authentication is a technique in which users are given access to an environment without entering a password or answering a security question. This allows users to access an environment securely and protects organizations against attack vectors like Keylogging, Brute force methods, and phishing. The company SuperTokens provides secure login and session management for your
Published 10/13/22
Monolithic relational databases are the traditional foundation of financial core ledger systems. Nevertheless, the process of building and operating  mission-critical ledgers to track and reconcile payments and money movement is complex.  Twisp is rethinking core accounting and financial orchestration on a cloud-native ledger system, so developers can stop re-inventing the ledger and focus on building
Published 10/07/22
PostgreSQL is a free and open-source relational database management system. Postgres-based databases are widespread and are used by a variety of organizations, from Reddit to the International Space Station, and Postgres databases are a common offering from cloud providers such as AWS, Alibaba Cloud, and Heroku. Neon is a serverless open-source alternative to AWS Aurora
Published 10/05/22
Today, we spoke with Daniel Situnayake of Edge Impulse. We discussed AI, machine learning, edge devices, TinyML and AI tool chain.             Sponsorship inquiries: [email protected]
Published 10/01/22
Today, we spoke with Toma Puljak and Vedran Jukic of Codeanywhere. We discussed Cloud-based dev environments, Cloud-based IDEs, Infrastructure as code, Dev containers and Live collaboration.                Sponsorship inquiries: [email protected]
Published 09/27/22
The default configuration in most databases is meant for broad compatibility rather than performance. Database tuning is a process in which the configurations of a database are modified to achieve optimal performance. Databases have hundreds of configuration knobs that control various factors, such as the amount of memory to use for caches or how often
Published 09/23/22
Cloud computing provides tools, storage, servers, and software products through the internet. Securing these resources is a constant process for companies deploying new code to their cloud environments. It’s easy to overlook security flaws because company applications are very complex and many people work together to develop them. Wyze Labs, for example, had millions of
Published 09/20/22
Originally published on January 1, 2022. Charlie Gerard is an incredibly productive developer.  In addition to being the author of Practical Machine Learning in JavaScript, her website charliegerard.dev has a long list of really interesting side projects exploring the intersection of human computer interaction, computer vision, interactivity, and art.  In this episode we touch on
Published 09/18/22
Software engineering can be a surprisingly grueling career. It is both physically and mentally demanding to sit in front of a screen for hours on end producing code. Andy Johns is our guest in this episode. Andy previously worked on growth at Facebook, Twitter, and Quora as an early employee. He’s also an investor in
Published 09/15/22