As matchmaker Christina Antoniades and reporter Michelle Leiby prepare to retire from Datelab, they look back on the 550 couples they've set up, revealing their favorite pairings and what they've learned about love.
Published 08/03/17
Published 08/03/17
We're taking a break for the summer. We'll be back soon with more stories from the Solo-ish life.
Published 06/22/16
How do you plan a bachelorette party while keeping your sanity and your savings intact? It's not easy, but it is possible. Lisa Bonos gets tips from Veronica Toney, a Solo-ish editor and frequent wedding guest, and professional bridesmaid Jen Glantz.
Published 06/08/16
If dating feels like hard work, that's because it is. Lisa Bonos chats Moira Weigel talk about love is related to the economy, and other tidbits from her book "Labor of Love: The Invention of Dating."
Published 05/26/16
Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow join Lisa Bonos to chat about the pleasure and pain of female friendship -- from courting new friends to navigating distance among old ones. Plus a conversation with one of Lisa's longtime friends about how they first met.
Published 05/12/16
What was your worst breakup? And what makes a good one? Lisa Bonos chats with two 20-somethings about how their past breakups have influenced those that have come next.
Published 04/28/16
Advice columnist Carolyn Hax and cartoonist Nick Galifinakis are ex-spouses who work together every day and manage to enjoy it. Lisa Bonos chats with them and with Wendy Paris, about how to survive a divorce.
Published 04/13/16
"These women decide elections," says Page Gardner, founder of the Voter Participation Center. She and journalist Rebecca Traister talk with Lisa Bonos about how candidates are appealing to -- or repelling -- unmarried women.
Published 03/30/16
Want to try a new bar or restaurant -- or check out a museum exhibit -- but can't find anyone to come along? Go solo. Tips for solo dining, drinking and other outings from Lisa Bonos's Washington Post colleagues.
Published 03/17/16
Jill Andres and Brook Silva-Braga dated for years, but were they ready to marry? They put themselves through 40 challenges to find out. Hear about their adventure, plus tips from dating coach Neely Steinberg.
Published 03/03/16
Thomas Edwards gives tips to Lisa Bonos and two colleagues -- Veronica Toney and Lavanya Ramanathan -- on how to approach strangers in a bar, show interest and eventually exchange digits.
Published 02/18/16
Bad first dates usually don't result in a second try. But this couple -- Ashraf Bouajina and Max Ashwill -- managed to turn things around. Hear all about why Ashraf gave Max a second chance.
Published 02/04/16
What does it take for a blind date to lead to love? Shared values or a similar outlook on life need to be there, say Christina Antoniades, who sets couples up for The Washington Post's Date Lab, Paul Carrick Brunson, a professional matchmaker.
Published 01/20/16
Lisa Bonos chats with a Washington Post couple who met in the newsroom 20 years ago and are still together. And work advice columnist Karla Miller gives some tips to those considering an office romance.
Published 01/06/16
Lisa Bonos chats with novelist J. Courtney Sullivan about the single woman who sold Americans on the idea that a diamond is forever; Jon Mervis discusses what it's like to sell engagement rings; and we meet a couple who got engaged without a ring.
Published 12/23/15
When you have opposite tastes in food, where do you go on dates? Lisa Bonos chats with Adam Chandler and Emily Saladino about their fast-food romance.
Published 12/10/15
Lisa Bonos thought she knew all about how her parents met and got together in the 1970s. Decades later, she gets the full story.
Published 11/24/15
Can an extrovert handle nine weeks of solitude? Lisa Bonos chats with Philippa Hughes about why she went to Italy to work on a book. Plus, comments from Fenton Johnson and the role of solitude in a writer's life.
Published 11/12/15
When's the right time to invite a new love interest over for dinner?
Published 10/28/15
Who decides to freeze their eggs – and why? Lisa Bonos asks a colleague and a fertility doctor, who’ve both frozen eggs, about the experience.
Published 10/14/15
You say you’ll never date a cat owner … until you fall in love with one.
Published 10/01/15
First dates are easy. But how long do you stick around? Solo-ish editor Lisa Bonos explores.
Published 09/17/15