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We are honored to welcome beloved friend, sister, holistic nutritionist and true Persian Goddess Sima Morrison to SOUNDFOOD. We Join Sima at her beautiful Montecito home, for a conversation covering everything from biohacking and the healing frequencies of roses, to medical freedom and bitcoin. Sima describes her journey coming to the US from Iran when she was 2, her transition from being fully  plant-based to eating medicinal animal protein, her current go-to-healing remedies, and how she and her husband Brett Morrison have co-created their dream life together.    Sima shares some of her favorite high vibe living tips (hint: collagen marshmallows) and her personal motivation in founding the online wellness journal, House of Citrine. Most recently, Sima and Brett launched the Morrison Institute for Decentralism, an organization designed to spread the mission of self-sovereign education and freedom.   Thank you, Sima, for sharing your exquisite vision and energy with us.    NOURISHMENT   This podcast is nourished by your donations and the symbiotic support of our partners:   Material Kitchen: use CITRINE for 20% off everything   Living Libations: SOUNDFOOD15  for 15% off   Rainbo: SOUNDFOOD15 for 15% off all medicinal mushrooms   OSEA: use CITRINE for 10% off sea to skin magic   Christy Dawn: 15NITSAC for 15% off farm-to-closet    Living Tea: use SOUNDFOOD for 10% off all tea nourishment   Mountain Rose Herbs: SOUNDFOOD10  for 10% off   FIND  Sima: Instagram | |  Twitter | House of Citrine | @houseofcitrine    MENTIONED Forever Peeler (use CITRINE for 20% off) Morrison Institute for Decentralism  Episode with Brett Morrison  Caroline Myss  Four Seasons Mexico City  Yoga Soup  Sima’s gut-healing magic marshmallows  Chocola Tree Arthur Andrew Enzyme  Enviromedica Beef Liver  Brett’s Bitcoin Rabbithole    CONNECT @soundfoodspace @nitsacitrine TELEPORTAL tune in via text for high vibrational updates @ 1-805-398-6661  MERCURIAL MAIL (our monthly newsletter) WEB   P.S. If you feel inspired to leave us a review on APPLE PODCAST we would be eternally grateful!
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