Published 07/07/22
Join us for a joyful and delicious stream of conversation with a true leader in the conscious community, Mel Nahas.    Drawing from a reputable career in music and television and working with some of the industry’s most well-known networks, brands, and talents, Mel embraces her reflector Human Design as the co-founder and curator of the Conscious City Guide ~ an ever-evolving platform and resource for those wanting to embrace an awakened lifestyle.    Mel’s passion for connecting people...
Published 07/07/22
In celebration of summer, we welcome back an absolute beam of light Nadine Artemis to SOUNDFOOD. Nadine is the founder of  the beloved brand Living Libations, beauty philosopher, poet, and author of Renegade Beauty and Holistic Dental Care.    In this sacred solstice episode, Nadine and Nitsa deep dive into the healing properties of Nature, circadian rhythms, medicinal sun bathing, holistic oral care, beauty pathways and the power of multiple orgasms.    Nadine generously shares her most...
Published 06/21/22
We are honored to welcome beloved friend, sister, holistic nutritionist and true Persian Goddess Sima Morrison to SOUNDFOOD. We Join Sima at her beautiful Montecito home, for a conversation covering everything from biohacking and the healing frequencies of roses, to medical freedom and bitcoin. Sima describes her journey coming to the US from Iran when she was 2, her transition from being fully  plant-based to eating medicinal animal protein, her current go-to-healing remedies, and how she...
Published 06/09/22
What if a softer, quieter, open-hearted approach to climate activism is what our planet really needs right now to heal?   We are honored to welcome back the infinitely inspiring Bonnie Wright to the podcast. Artist, actress, author, filmmaker, and climate advocate, Bonnie began her career playing Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter films and now uses her platform to amplify the importance of environmental health. Since 2017, she has served as an ambassador for Greenpeace, focusing on...
Published 04/14/22
This episode clears a loving, clear and grounded path towards wholeness, balance, and vitality on all levels and reminds us of the body’s innate and immaculate ability to heal.     We are honored to welcome Dr. Linda Lancaster to SOUNDFOOD. Dr. Linda is a legend. Board Certified Naturopathic Physician, Homeopath, founder of the Light Harmonics Institute, a pioneer in integrative medicine and author of Harmonic Healing: Restore Your Vital Force for Lifelong Wellness.   Dr. Linda’s down to...
Published 03/17/22
Today’s episode offers  a powerful glimpse into the potential of financial sovereignty - starting with our everyday investments of time, energy and attention.   We sit down with the brilliant Brett Morrison. Computer scientist, self-made tech entrepreneur, bitcoin advocate and an absolute beam of life, Brett joins us today to share his journey in finding liberation, empowerment and resonance. From shaping the future of E-commerce, digital image sharing, building Direct to Consumer online...
Published 03/03/22
Visual artist. Sculptor. Deep feeler, thinker and devotee to all things water. This week, Nitsa welcomes  Piscean sister Jobi Manson to SOUNDFOOD. Jobi is the creator of Sēfari, a multidisciplinary platform for simple & elemental experiences that merge science, nature, and art in the pursuit of psychosomatic evolution. Jobi’s practice uses water and sound to help people return to their primordial essence, sink into the unknown and merge with their highest potential and depth.    In this...
Published 02/17/22
We are back and so grateful to welcome cosmic sister and healer Kelsey Barrett to Soundfood.  Our conversation opens up a portal into the healing realms of pleasure and taps into the tendermost layers of the psycho-emotional body. Whether you are celebrating Valentines or not;  Kelsey’s whole being reverberates so powerfully with beauty and Eros that your heart is bound to soften, expand and heal with us in this one.   Kelsey Barrett is a clinical herbalist based in San Diego. Focusing on...
Published 02/10/22
Today we give reverence for our Indigenous ancestors and sacred traditions. We revisit a powerful conversation with our beloved friend and infinite source of inspiration Maria Calderon. Maria is an interdisciplinary folk artist of Peruvian indigenous descent who reminds us of the power of reciprocity and remembering.
Published 11/25/21
Are you feeling a pull to transcend your limiting beliefs and step into a higher vibration? If so, this episode is here to beam light, clarity and love to anyone who may be feeling lost, overwhelmed, disconnected, distracted, at a low or dull point in their life or career; or who is craving a deeper sense of connection to oneself and the Divine.
Published 11/18/21
Today we reimagine the future of humankind in the most exquisitely loving and joyful way. We are honored to welcome Lani Trock, a brilliant force in thought, devotion, vision and creativity to SOUNDFOOD. A multi-disciplinary artist based in Los Angeles, Lani works with the ephemeral to facilitate planetary evolution, from seed to spirit.
Published 11/11/21
Today we drop into the big picture and celebrate the power of light, love and sound with master storyteller, Raghunath Cappo.
Published 11/04/21
Today we step into an alternate, healing dimension: into the realm of the Fungi. We are deeply honored to welcome Giuliana Furci, Foundress and CEO of the Fungi Foundation to SOUNDFOOD. Giuliana is the first female field mycologist in Chile, a Harvard University Associate, Dame of the Order of the Star of Italy, Co-Chair of the IUCN Fungal Conservation Committee, lecturer, author, mother, and a true fauna for Funga.
Published 10/28/21
There is a new and powerful kind of beauty emerging as a leader in the industry: KIND BEAUTY. Literally. As in, beauty that is rooted in kindness, reverence and love for the planet. And today’s guest is a leader in the field. We are thrilled to welcome Melissa Palmer, beloved friend, visionary and CEO of OSEA, a skincare brand based in Malibu California, which honors the healing gifts of our ocean and the conscious cultivation of beauty, on all levels.
Published 09/30/21
This episode is a straight-up wake up call that fresh foods are a human RIGHT, not a PRIVILEGE! We are honored to welcome LaRayia Gaston to SOUNDFOOD. Our candid, raw conversation cracks open the heart to let humanity flood in and shows how we can all take conscious action to redirect our food waste to feed our marginalized communities and learn to love without reason.
Published 09/23/21
This episode is a sincere heart and mind opener: illuminating how the Fungi kingdom is here to help ground, heal and elevate the planet. We are thrilled to welcome high vibrational entrepreneur, Holistic Nutritionist, educator, and wellness leader Tonya Papanikolov to the show this week. Tonya is the founder and CEO of Rainbo, a medicinal mushroom based line of supplements and functional foods dedicated to supporting wellbeing, immune strength and expanded consciousness.
Published 09/16/21
Do you feel stagnant, stuck, uninspired or in any way less than thriving these days? If so please know that you are not alone! Today's episode is here to activate, align and empower us to create a life of purpose, fulfillment, prosperity and joy.  We are honored to welcome a dear brother, visionary, spiritual ally and multidimensional mentor, Justin Faerman to the podcast. Justin is a highly intuitive entrepreneur, writer, teacher, renowned consciousness researcher and flow pioneer.
Published 09/09/21
This episode serves as a gentle yet powerful reminder to us all that in order to heal physically, we must first examine our mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual health. And, the plants are here to help. We are honored to welcome the radiant and wise Alexis Smart to SOUNDFOOD. Today we journey under her expert guidance into the multidimensional, melodic world of flower remedies and the subtle energetics of healing.
Published 09/02/21
Today’s episode is pure medicine for the heart and spirit. Get ready to crack open your consciousness and crack up with us in the process! We are delighted to welcome actress, home chef, writer, cookbook author and mother of two, Aria Alpert Adjani to SOUNDFOOD. Aria has been an absolute inspiration and comfort to us over the years. Aria thrives on finding the comedic flavors of everyday life and whether on land or sea, transforms the mundane into a clever, thoughtful yet playful theatre on...
Published 08/26/21
Today we are honored to welcome the brilliant and brave Ron Finley aka “The Gangsta Gardener” to SOUNDFOOD. This is a powerful, liberating, playfully provocative episode rich in plant magic, energetic sovereignty and positive vibrations.
Published 08/19/21
We find ourselves in a magical and gently powerful time of the year. Indian Summer, or the forgotten “fifth season” blooms: fruits ripen and fall from the tree, time slows, and evenings are warm and soft as we prepare for the final harvest. Now is the time to tune into the seasonal rhythms of Earth and embrace the sense of wholeness and balance Late Summer offers as we transition to Autumn.
Published 08/12/21
This episode is pure nourishment for the soul and soil! We are delighted to welcome Juliana Ciano - neurodivergent educator, mother and co-founder of the beloved local organization Reunity Resources to SOUNDFOOD. Juliana’s commitment to a holistic system of pedagogy can be seen and felt in all of her endeavours. Her refreshing, grass-roots perspective is deeply inspiring.
Published 07/29/21
Today we look to the ancient technologies of indigenous ecosystems to provide guidance for the future (and survival) of humanity in the face of climate change.
Published 07/22/21
Have you dropped in with your local gardens, communed with the plant kingdom or simply said hello to the flowers around you recently? Our guest this week will inspire you to (re)direct your attention to spend time with these beautiful and wise beings every day.
Published 07/15/21