It’s the last episode of the year!  Steve and Captain Evil return to the studio after Vegas with stories of Santa, giving back and, of course, Christmas Eve fights.  WARNING: DO NOT LISTEN TO AROUND KIDS WHO STILL BELIEVE.  Why are you listening to this podcast around kids anyway???
Published 12/31/21
Part two of the Vegas trip!
Published 12/24/21
Steve and Captain Evil broadcast from the world famous Mirage Casino in Las Vegas.  The couple celebrate Steve headlining the MGM's Aces of Comedy with special guests and audience Q&A's. 
Published 12/17/21
We catch up with Steve and Captain Evil after their holiday "break". Steve talks about the various shows he has done, from Dania Beach to San Antonio's two week extravaganza.
Published 12/04/21
The Thanksgiving episode is jam packed with guests!!! Neighbors, vets and family. Happy Thanksgiving y’all!!!     
Published 11/19/21
The Astros lost but Steve and his dad gained a bond. After that, more hi-jinks from the Treviño family as they prepare for the upcoming holidays while having to do the usual parenting stuff.
Published 11/12/21
Steve talks about the Addison Improv, the club that started it all. The couple then talks about their Halloween extravaganza, three days of overboard celebration.
Published 11/05/21
On this episode of the podcast the couple discuss Steve’s dyslexia.  What it meant for his education, and his stand up comedy. Plus, Steve buys Captain Evil an anniversary gift from a shady website. All that, and more, in this action packed episode of Steve Treviño and Captain Evil: The Podcast.  
Published 10/29/21
Steve and Captain Evil travel to the cocktail + attire, Josh Abbot Band (Jab) cares gala.  It goes haywire from the word go.  Spoiler: They have to deplane because the plane has too much fuel.  Too much fuel?  
Published 10/22/21
Get ready for a long podcast.  The couple tackles lots of topics!!!! What makes a good relationship? Stick around to hear Steve and Captain Evil talk all about it.
Published 10/15/21
Fresh off the Atlanta gig, Steve and Captain Evil discuss the ongoing saga of Delilah and what it means being a parent of two. Also, an emotional story about the times we live in.
Published 10/08/21
Steve’s dream of becoming a stand up comedian has come true… but….  Possibly the best line ever is in this podcast “The sheep stepped on my ball sack”. 
Published 10/01/21
Steve and Captain Evil talk about filming an upcoming comedy special for HBO Max... and other things, y'all.
Published 09/24/21
Steve explains the differences between when he has a poker night and when Captain Evil has a girls night.  The couple share a hilarious story of Captain Evil and her friends getting “Sh** Housed” at a casino.   Steve and Captain Evil address the question “Are you guys swingers”? Plus, Steve talks about his extremely controversial bit where he says the taboo words Houston Astros.  
Published 09/17/21
You add fries and a drink now you’re at 1,500 calories.  Yup the duo talks getting into shape. Plus, on the last episode Steve ranted about TSA at the airport.  The couple traveled this week, how do you think that went?  Spoiler Alert: Not great. 
Published 09/10/21
It’s Captain Evil’s birthday and for the faithful listeners a great ending you will not want to miss.
Published 09/03/21
Steve and Captain Evil move.  As you’d expect, it was stress free and easy.  As if taking on a move wasn’t enough, the couple’s first child, Garrett, started kindergarten.  Steve learns what an Oedipus Complex is, and tells us what an opener should and should not do in the green room. 
Published 08/27/21
Steve and Captain Evil invite former baseball star Daniel McCutchen and his lovely wife Sarah to the podcast.  Steve may or may not have talked about the time he rappelled down a building with a group of Navy Seals and got arrested.  
Published 08/20/21
Steve and Renae received word that they got their dream house.  Plus, Steve and Captain Evil talk through their weeks that include Pitbull, Whiskey Myers and Delilah’s baptism.  
Published 08/13/21
Steve has an Uber issue, that turns into him meeting one of the most inspirational fathers ever.  
Published 08/06/21
Steve and Captain Evil talk about firsts.  First time on a plane, first job, first time on stage, first time to New York.  You are out of your mind if you think Steve does’t tell a hilarious story about his first time in Vegas.  And when’s the last time you thought about Color Me Bad? 
Published 07/30/21
Steve and Captain Evil give an update on their dream house, and tell stories of bad credit, meeting new friends and tipping. 
Published 07/23/21
Steve and Captain Evil discuss the differences between each other.  How well do you think that goes?  Oh, and the couple talks about BBQ in Texas.  
Published 07/16/21
Country music star Randy Rogers and his wife Chelsea stop by to chat with Steve and Captain Evil.  Topics range from life on the road to humps and bidets… and everything in between.  They say “you are your harshest critic” well, “THEY” haven’t met Chelsea and Captain Evil. 
Published 07/09/21
It’s 4th of July weekend, and Steve and Captain Evil are bidding on their dream house.  Anyone want to buy a house with a podcast studio in it? Happy 4th of July Y'all!
Published 07/02/21