Steve and Captain Evil are going at it like feral ferrets on this episode as they present their arguments on the patio furniture debacle. Captain Evil is skeptical at Steve's casino winnings math. What is Hula Dula? Let Steve tell you that story! 
Published 05/20/22
Chairs, chickens and Steve sitting alone on a rock eating watermelon.  See how Captain Evil fits into this scenario.  Plus the Vegas trip is already being planned.  Steve will be performing at the Mirage December 2nd - 8th.  LET’S GO!!!!!!
Published 05/13/22
This episode is dedicated to all the Mothers. In this special episode, Steve expresses his admiration for everything that mothers do and go through.  Happy Mother's Day!    #stevetrevino #captainevil #podcast #mothers #happymothersday #family
Published 05/06/22
Published 04/29/22
A much healthier and energetic Steve and Captain Evil talk about their plans for Easter, their favorite holiday. Is it the nostalgia, is it the cornhole competition? Plus find out what the Houston Astros sent Steve as he unboxes it on the podcast
Published 04/15/22
What goes around comes around… and what’s going around the Treviño household is a bug that doesn’t go away. Steve is the latest casualty. The couple talk about the important lessons they want their kids to learn.
Published 04/08/22
Steve and Captain Evil give their take on the “event” that happened at the Oscars. Plus, Steve got to go shoot a big budget commercial while leaving Captain Evil home with two sick kids. And find out why Steve got into a car with strangers.
Published 04/01/22
The kiddos are on Spring Break, so Steve and Captain Evil had to wait until they were asleep before recording this week's podcast. This adds to a more intimate setting. Plus, they could yell at each other and not wake up the kids. Steve is cooking up an idea for Mother’s Day, a special edition Live podcast, perhaps? The couple gush about what a great fan-mily they have, as they showcase some gifts they received.
Published 03/18/22
 Steve released a new clip this week from his upcoming special “I Speak Wife” and the couple break down the bit. Plus, you can gain access to exclusive clips if you sign up now for Steve’s newsletter at stevetrevino.com
Published 03/11/22
Is that a University Of Texas hat Steve Treviño?  Find out why in the world he’s wearing that. Plus, Steve and Captain Evil spent last weekend honoring wounded vets at the annual Helicopters for heroes charity event.  And the tale of the weight loss journey continues.  If you have a story about what’s working or not on your own weight loss journey please let us know in the comments.    Health Coach Info: Gina Bohnert www.uniquelydesigned.health/
Published 03/04/22
Steve and Captain Evil fasted for two days and tell you about how easy it was. Steve hosted a benefit where a car was given away.  The story is both emotional and filled with twists and turns. 
Published 02/25/22
Steve performed in the great state of Michigan and lets Captain Evil know how wonderful it was!!!  Plus It was Super Bowl weekend. The winning Quarterback Matthew Stafford use to play for the Detroit Lions, so it was Steve’s synergy that propelled the L.A. Rams to become champs. Plus an in-depth eye opening interview with Health Coach Gina Bohnert.  
Published 02/18/22
Happy Valentine’s Day!  Steve recaps the special honor of hosting the Pollstar Awards.  Plus, Steve and Captain Evil have a special valentine’s couple on the podcast; The starting catcher for the Texas Rangers, Jose Treviño, and his finance Markie.  
Published 02/11/22
Steve tells Captain Evil how wearing a mask at a Casino made him invisible to hear trash talking.  Things get awkward. Plus some great road warrior stories. 
Published 02/04/22
This week you catch up with the Trevino’s hectic week.  However, the big take away is you get to vote on what you want to hear.  A more produced podcasts with graphics, bits, segments and tons of explosions or a more free flowing conversation that can lead to many different topics.  Vote now on all of Steve and Captain Evil Facebook. 
Published 01/28/22
There has been only one episode that will never see the light of day.  Well, now there is two.  This is the second episode recorded this week.  Don’t worry Steve and Captain Evil discuss what went wrong. 
Published 01/21/22
LISTENER DISCRETION ADVISED.  The couple sits down with Dr. Ruby Rose, the star of the new Discovery Channel show “This Came Out Of Me”.  Please advised that there is some content in this episode that some might find gross and disturbing.  If that’s not a reason to listen we don’t know what is!!!!
Published 01/14/22
Season 3 Y'all.  Steve and Captain Evil jump into 2022 with a podcast filmed live in-front of 1,100 people.  What could go wrong? 
Published 01/07/22
It’s the last episode of the year!  Steve and Captain Evil return to the studio after Vegas with stories of Santa, giving back and, of course, Christmas Eve fights.  WARNING: DO NOT LISTEN TO AROUND KIDS WHO STILL BELIEVE.  Why are you listening to this podcast around kids anyway???
Published 12/31/21
Part two of the Vegas trip!
Published 12/24/21
Steve and Captain Evil broadcast from the world famous Mirage Casino in Las Vegas.  The couple celebrate Steve headlining the MGM's Aces of Comedy with special guests and audience Q&A's. 
Published 12/17/21
We catch up with Steve and Captain Evil after their holiday "break". Steve talks about the various shows he has done, from Dania Beach to San Antonio's two week extravaganza.
Published 12/04/21
The Thanksgiving episode is jam packed with guests!!! Neighbors, vets and family. Happy Thanksgiving y’all!!!     
Published 11/19/21