This new, action-packed musical podcast from Noggin celebrates the letters of the alphabet as unique characters with big personalities. This episode of Meet the Alpha Beats called “Letters ‘O’ and ‘S’ - Where the Ocean Meets the Sea” brings together two neighbors who have never met – the swashbuckling Letter O, who rules all things Ocean-related, and Letter S, a fun and powerful princess who rules all things Sea related. They take DJ Al B to each of their kingdoms and learn that both the...
Published 05/06/21
The adorable little monster Ooglah Booglah can’t wait for Blue to read him his favorite bedtime story, but first, Blue has to help him get ready for bed! Blue helps Ooglah Booglah take a bath, put on his pajamas, and brush his teeth before ending the night with a silly monster story. 
Published 09/29/20
Detective Gopher has a very kooky case: there’s a loud snore keeping everyone awake, and no one knows where it’s coming from! To catch the culprit, Detective Gopher and Blue will have to chase the snore all over the farm. To the Gopher-mobile!
Published 09/22/20
Super Blue is going to bed after a long day of helping people, but her super alarm keeps going off! She helps a chick with some tree trouble and a monkey with a blankie mishap, but in the end, it’s Super Blue who needs help falling asleep!
Published 09/15/20
Blue’s puppy friend Polka Dots has lost his spots all over Polka Dots City! Blue helps him retrace his steps back to Polka Dot Park, Polka Dot Library, the Polka Dot Circus, and finally into his cozy polka dot bed, and they find spots along the way.
Published 09/08/20
Little Blue Riding Hood is getting ready for a sleepover with her fairytale friends! But when Humpty Dumpty gets stuck on a wall and Little Bo Peep’s sheep goes missing, it’s up to Little Blue to help her friends and save the sleepover.
Published 09/01/20
Stella, the cutest little Triceratops, wants to rawr just like her friend Blue-Rex! Unfortunately, even after getting the advice of every dino around, she just can’t seem to do it. But that night, as Stella goes to sleep, her rawr comes out in a very surprising way!
Published 08/25/20
It’s bedtime on Blue MacDonald’s farm, and all the animals are going to sleep. All the animals, that is, except for a very silly cow that Blue MacDonald can’t find anywhere! Blue skidoo and you can MOO.
Published 08/18/20
Captain Blue has an important mission: to find the comfiest planet in the solar system! She flies the Starship Twinkle all the way from Pluto to Mars and discovers that there’s just no place comfier than her home sweet home planet, Earth.
Published 08/11/20
The Sun won’t go to bed, causing all sorts of mixed-up mayhem in Sillytown. Fortunately, Blue has a plan that will take them cartwheeling, hopping, and dancing until the Sun is totally tired out!
Published 08/04/20
Pirate Panda Polly and Blue embark on a sleepy treasure hunt to find Polly’s blankie treasure! On their journey, they’ll paddle across the soothing seas, search under the misty waterfall, and squish their toes in the warm sands. Arrrr you feeling sleepy yet?
Published 08/04/20
Skidoo with Josh and Blue into storybooks where sleepy-time adventures await. Coming August 4th!
Published 07/08/20