Hide Your Goats: Chupacabras On The Loose!
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In the early 1990s a mysterious new creature burst onto the cryptid scene, first terrorizing Puerto Rico then the Southwestern US. The menace attacked and killed animals and livestock with vampiric ferocity, earning itself the name “Chupacabra”. Witnesses claimed it looked like an alien mixed with a kangaroo, with leopard spots, chicken hands, wolf feet, and dinosaur spikes. Could this monster be real? Or was the Chupacabra merely a goat-eating figment of our worst imagination? This Week's Sponsors: Naked Wines - Head to nakedwines.com/STRANGE and use code AND password STRANGE for $100 off your first 6 bottles Smalles - Head to smalls.com/STRANGE and use promo code STRANGE for 50% off your first order PLUS free shipping! Skylight Frames - Get $15 off your purchase of a Skylight Frame when you go to skylightframe.com/STRANGE
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