Here’s to The Ladies Who Time Travel
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What if you could go back in time? When you got back, would you tell everyone you’d done it? Would anyone believe you? In the summer of 1901, two well-to-do women went for a stroll in the gardens of Versailles and claimed to have slipped back in time. They witnessed scores of people dressed in the garb of the French Revolution and even claimed to have interacted with Marie Antoinette herself. Could it be possible they truly had stepped through the garden gate and back into history?  This Week's Sponsors:  Cook Unity - Go to or enter code STRANGE before checkout for 50% off your first week  GreenPan - Head to and use promo code STRANGE and you'll receive 30% off your entire order plus free shipping on orders over $99  Microdose - To learn more about microdosing THC go to and use code STRANGE to get free shipping and 30% off your first order 
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