Not So Fast, Spontaneous Human Combustion!
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Have you ever thought about what might be the strangest way to die? Have you considered the bizarre, incendiary possibility of impromptu immolation as your last moments on earth? How can something so seemingly impossible like Spontaneous Human Combustion be an actual way to meet your maker? What’s actually behind this strange phenomenon, and is it really, truly spontaneous? This Week's Sponsors:  Miracle Made - Go to and use the code STRANGE to claim your Free 3 Piece Towel Set and Save over 40% off.  Stitch Fix - Go to and you'll get 25% off when you keep everything in your Fix.  Wildgrain - Head to and use code STRANGE for $30 off your first box PLUS free croissants in every box  3 Day Blinds - Right now you can get 3 Day Blinds buy one get one 50% off deal when you head to
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