Boot Scootin’ Cryptid Yee-Haw at Skinwalker Ranch
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Some mysteries deep in the vast wilds of this country are the stuff of legend, but could they actually be signs of foreign worlds, or other dimensions? When Terry and Gwen Sherman moved onto a 480 acre cattle ranch in northern Utah they were plagued by an alarming number of highly strange occurrences: a flying winnebago, the appearances of mysterious crop circles and dozens of mutilated animals, and an unsettling cacophony of strange disembodied voices. Was it all in their heads? Or were the Shermans caught in the middle of something far more sinister than than they could ever imagine? This Week's Sponsors: Quince - Go to for free shipping on your order and 365-day returns Smalls - Head to and use promo code STRANGE at checkout for 50% off your first order PLUS free shipping Magic Spoon - Go to to grab a variety pack and try it today! 
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