Hello From the Other Side: Wind Phones & After Death Communications
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What if you could talk to loved ones who have died? What would you say? What would you hope to hear? Usually, when we think of communicating with a dead loved one, it’s in the form of a dream, but for some people, the act of talking to someone who’s moved on to the great whatever, is a much more tangible activity. Hurry to your nearest Wind Phone, operators are standing by.  This Week's Sponsors:  CBDistillery - Visit cbdistillery.com and use code STRANGE for 20% off  Ritual - Get 25% off your first month at ritual.com/STRANGE Miracle Made - Go to TryMiracle.com/STRANGE and use the code STRANGE to claim your FREE 3 piece towel set and save over 40% off  Wildgrain - Get $30 off the first box PLUS free croissants in every box when you go to wildgrain.com/STRANGE to start your subscription 
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