Staircases of Doom!
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Strangers, I've warned you time and time again, don't go outside. It's dangerous out there! But, if you absolutely MUST remember these three things: Always bring water. Never Talk to Strangers. And, for Pete's sake, DON'T GO UP THE STAIRCASES IN THE WOODS! "Strange and Unexplained" is a podcast from Grab Bag Collab & Three Goose Entertainment and is a journey into the uncomfortable and the unknowable that will leave you both laughing and sleeping with the lights on. Follow us on Instagram Episode Sponsors: Ritual. Get 25% off your first month for a limited time at Quince. Go to for free shipping on your order and 365-day returns.
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On a clear day in September 1987, Leslie Ann Pluhar headed across the Mackinac Bridge and toward a promising future. She never made it to the other side. The clues left behind only raised more questions. To this day, officials won’t admit what seems to most to be the answer: that, no, Leslie...
Published 06/06/24
Welcome to a Strange And Unexplained and Crimes Of The Centuries cross-over. Strange And Unexplained is off this week, so please enjoy this Crimes Of The Centuries episode. The word "Amityville" has practically become synonymous in popular culture with the eerie and supernatural.  But behind the...
Published 05/30/24