76: The Plague of Puritanism with Rev. Lizzie
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A big part of the discussion around mental health, wellness, and self-care is not to overlook the factors that may have contributed to some form of religious trauma in your life. If you are someone who has a religious background and might be deconstructing from a religion (Christianity, in particular), today’s conversation will help you navigate that journey. I’m joined by Rev. Lizzie, an Episcopal priest who is based in Austin, Texas, where she is the founding planter of Jubilee Episcopal Church. There is something inspiring and comforting in this conversation for everyone, no matter your relationship with religion. Join us!   Show Highlights:  ●      Shocker: “Cleanliness is next to godliness” is not in the Bible, so you are not morally sinful if your sink is full of dirty dishes. ●      Why Christianity can be comforting to us in our feelings of brokenness and unworthiness ●      Where the phrase about cleanliness and godliness originated–as a way to teach that our “inside” is a more important focus than our outward appearance ●      The danger of misunderstanding “God commands” and “God cares” ●      Why much of what people “think” is Christianity is a misunderstanding of God’s grace and love for our souls ●      Why the vastness of God cannot be contained solely within the bounds of scripture ●      How we each have a “canon within a canon” of the scriptures that we hold the most sacred and important ●      What Rev. Lizzie wants us to understand about the word “jubilee” and what it means about freedom, justice, and joy   Resources and Links: Connect with Rev. Lizzie: TikTok, Instagram, and And Also With You Podcast Connect with KC: Website, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook Get KC’s book, How to Keep House While Drowning We love the sponsors that make this show possible! You can always find all the special deals and codes for all our current sponsors on our website: www.strugglecare.com/promo-codes.
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