Student Pilot Journal Podcast #38
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Hello aviators! This episode is from October 2011. I wanted to give everyone an update on what Casey has been up to lately. His new job has been good for him, but it has meant fewer episodes as we try to get our schedules in sync to record and fly. I hope you enjoy the update and we hope to get back in the air soon. Download the Podcast
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Multi-cam Madness!!! My friend Jamie and I strapped a bunch of GoPros to the 172 and flew a short trip....during the heat of the day (probably why some shut off).  It was a hot but fun experiment and yielded some overall great results.  Shoot me an email and let me know what you...
Published 08/04/13
Flying with club member Dave Merchberger Hello everyone! I am glad to get a flying episode out...finally.  My new camera performed exceptionally! Dave and I made a quick fueling trip from MLB to X59. Nothing too exciting but's flying so it's always exciting.  Don't forget my show sponsor...
Published 08/25/12