Multi-cam Madness!!! My friend Jamie and I strapped a bunch of GoPros to the 172 and flew a short trip....during the heat of the day (probably why some shut off).  It was a hot but fun experiment and yielded some overall great results.  Shoot me an email and let me know what you think. [email protected] -Greg Download the Podcast
Published 08/04/13
Flying with club member Dave Merchberger Hello everyone! I am glad to get a flying episode out...finally.  My new camera performed exceptionally! Dave and I made a quick fueling trip from MLB to X59. Nothing too exciting but hey...it's flying so it's always exciting.  Don't forget my show sponsor Coradine Aviation. Click on the banner on my site and check out LogTen Pro for Mac, iPhone and iPad. Safe Flying! Greg Download the Podcast
Published 08/25/12
SPJ Status Update Hello everyone! Wanted to send out a short video of what I have been up to. Haven't been able to fly lately. My flight review has been due for a few months now so I haven't been able to book the plane. Weather permitting I will do that in the next day or so. I still have some footage stocked away so I hope to get that out one day as well as record some new footage. Hope you all are well. Safe flying! -G Download the Podcast
Published 08/22/12
Greetings! Took another refresher flight to get back into some controlled airspace flying....it's so easy to get behind. Casey gives some good tips and also shows us a demo of LogTen Pro for the Mac and how it integrates with your iOS devices. Be sure to visit http://www.coradine.com and purchase this wonderful software and help support the podcast as well. Download the Podcast
Published 03/23/12
Hey guys....this episode introduces a new sponsor, Coradine Aviation Systems with their wonderful electronic logbook software LogTen Pro 6 for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad.  It's way cool! Check them out at www.coradine.com. Casey and I took the good ole clubs 152 up for some refresher maneuver practice.  Boy do I need some work on a few things! The other club planes are out for maintenance so we couldn't so much in the way of instrument work. Also had some time to redo the intro.....I'm always...
Published 02/16/12
Hello aviators! This episode is from October 2011. I wanted to give everyone an update on what Casey has been up to lately. His new job has been good for him, but it has meant fewer episodes as we try to get our schedules in sync to record and fly. I hope you enjoy the update and we hope to get back in the air soon. Download the Podcast
Published 02/02/12
This is a flight that Casey and I took to KOBE (Okeechobee) for some breakfast. We flew the 152 and also tried out my new camera mount which performed quite well. Casey also gives us a few tips for traffic pattern ops and situational awareness while flying cross country. Download the Podcast
Published 08/31/11
A very SHAKY instrument flying lesson! The camera I borrowed was horrible! Never again. Anyway, sorry for the bad quality but something is better than nothing I always say. Stay focused in the panel and you will probably get through it without going into seizures. Stay tuned after the podcast for a good tip from yours truly about the usefulness of flight sims! Download the Podcast
Published 08/23/11
This episode was intended to be a "minicast" interim episode but I think it is fine as an official post.  I thought it would be a good idea to talk some more about flight following and provide some in flight examples.  Enjoy! Download the Podcast
Published 08/15/11
Talk about a flight to Daytona Beach for pre-buy inspection of N2521L. Just me talking about a flight to KDAB in N2521L.  I also got an interview with an interesting girl from Embry-Riddle while I was there.  She is a part of a team that are building a hybrid glider for the Green Flight Challenge starting in September.  Stay tuned for the end of the episode for the interview. Download the Podcast
Published 08/08/11
A flight to an Aircraft Salvage Yard..... There is something really fascinating about a salvage yard for aircraft.  It must be morbid curiosity for me as I look at the junked fuselages and think about their previous flights and owners.  Where are they? I imagine the planes coming off of the assembly line at one point all shiny and new.....What was their final flight? We had a good time this day.  On approach we were busily looking for the grass strip of zero two foxtrot alpha. It is not easy...
Published 07/30/11
I recently took a trip with a friend to ferry an R44 Heli to the midwestern US. This podcast is a brief overview of the trip. The next podcast will cover in more detail the flight itself including the pre-flight and overview of the basic controls of a helicopter. Download the Podcast
Published 07/19/11
Greetings from CFI Casey! Casey gives us our first tips on checkride prep! This is to begin a series on taking your checkride. We are still thinking of useful material but this will at least get you started. -Greg Download the Podcast
Published 04/08/11
Hey guys! A quick SPJ update for everyone on what's been happening.... -Greg Download the Podcast
Published 04/04/11
February 7, 2011 Hello pilots! Here is a quick update about some future podcasts that Casey and I are currently working on. Thanks again for all of your continued support! -Greg & Casey Download the Podcast
Published 02/07/11
ForeFlight Mobile HD Review Happy New Year! To keep things rolling we are following through and giving you a more in depth review of this amazing product for the iPad and iPhone. Enjoy! Download the Podcast
Published 01/03/11
Weather Briefing Podcast! Hello everyone. Check out this episode for some helpful tips on weather briefings. Topics covered include WX Brief, DUAT/DUATS, and some unofficial but very useful sources for obtaining weather before you fly. Also featured is Foreflight Mobile HD on the iPad! Enjoy. Download the Podcast
Published 12/15/10
Flight Following Podcast Hello everyone! I was finally able to devote time to edit this one. Took my entire Sunday but I finished it. I think you all will really enjoy this. This will cover how to initiate flight following and what you can expect from ATC along your flight. Enjoy! Download the Podcast
Published 11/08/10
Simulator Fun! I got bored this past weekend and hooked 2 computers together with X-Plane. One was running the outside view and recording. The other was running the inside view so I could fly. I am sure there are better ways to do it. This could open up for some interesting future podcasts. Download the Podcast
Published 09/07/10
Hey All! Went up for a bit today. It always feel great to get back into it and it also recharges by batteries a little bit and encourages me to at least put out a video update. The podcast is always on my mind but I am lazy with the video lately. Sorry again!!! Thanks for the continued support. Download the Podcast
Published 09/03/10
January 8, 2010 News update Here is a short video to talk about a few things. This is mainly to introduce the Student Pilot Journal Podcast Facebook fan page but I will also talk about a few other topics as well. -Greg Download the Podcast
Published 01/08/10
Peter Jensen Instrument Flight Part II I am digging in my backlog and getting motivated during the holidays to put out a podcast....finally. I must say that it feels good. I always enjoy the publishing part! This is part 2 of SPJ 22 for Peter Jensen's Instrument cross country flight. Peter has since completed his training and is an instrument rated pilot. Although he has had the rating for a while now, I still congratulate him on completing the training. I will continue to dig through my...
Published 12/31/09
Status Update: Hello everyone! A quick status update of what is going on. I am getting ready for my trip to marathon key this Friday. I am hoping that the weather does not put it on hold so we are crossing our fingers. This will be good for me since I have not been able to fly much lately. After this trip I can add one more place to go for the wife and fam. I generally like to fly there first so I don't have any surprises when my wife is flying with me. I know some of you may say that is part...
Published 06/22/09
SPJ Audio and Video Capturing: This podcast will answer 2 of the most frequently asked questions and that is how I capture audio and video for the podcast.  This video will also feature 2 products from a company called Foreflight- Foreflight Checklist and Foreflight Mobile.  Below is a direct link to the audio cable and camera mount that I will feature as well as links to Foreflight. Audio Cable: http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/pspages/patchcord.php Camera Mount (Updated 2017): Mount is...
Published 11/19/08