Student Pilot Journal Podcast #33
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A flight to an Aircraft Salvage Yard..... There is something really fascinating about a salvage yard for aircraft.  It must be morbid curiosity for me as I look at the junked fuselages and think about their previous flights and owners.  Where are they? I imagine the planes coming off of the assembly line at one point all shiny and new.....What was their final flight? We had a good time this day.  On approach we were busily looking for the grass strip of zero two foxtrot alpha. It is not easy to spot when everything else is green around it. With my iPad in hand I was ready to help my friend Roy navigate the short 56nm trip.  No stick time for me....and I was perfectly content with technology at my side. Download the Podcast
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Multi-cam Madness!!! My friend Jamie and I strapped a bunch of GoPros to the 172 and flew a short trip....during the heat of the day (probably why some shut off).  It was a hot but fun experiment and yielded some overall great results.  Shoot me an email and let me know what you...
Published 08/04/13
Flying with club member Dave Merchberger Hello everyone! I am glad to get a flying episode out...finally.  My new camera performed exceptionally! Dave and I made a quick fueling trip from MLB to X59. Nothing too exciting but's flying so it's always exciting.  Don't forget my show sponsor...
Published 08/25/12