The Loki tv series has made a huge impact on the MCU. We discuss the final 2 episodes of the season including easter eggs, comic book origins, and potential future MCU projects. Check out our full review of the Loki tv series! (https://www.patreon.com/SuperHeroHomies/posts?filters%5Btag%5D=Loki)
Published 07/23/21
This week we discuss the upcoming Batgirl movie, Titans season 3, Marvel's What If, Blade, MCU phase four, comic books, and more! We have a lot to say this week and we can assure you its worth the listen!
Published 07/20/21
DC Comics latest animated feature is an adaptation of the classic Batman story, The Long Halloween. We covered the graphic novel last year and now we find out if the new animated movie holds up. Check out our review of Batman: The Long Halloween!...Part one!
Published 07/13/21
We have finally seen Black Widow! We have waited over a year for this movie but is it worth the wait? The first portion is spoiler free and we let loose on the back end. Check out our review of Black Widow!
Published 07/10/21
We have 3 episodes of Loki to catch up on! Listen in as I breakdown the pros and cons of each episode and my overall thoughts for the show thus far,
Published 07/06/21
Welcome to Q's Reading Corner! Collecting comic books can actually be more difficult than it sounds. We start by discussing the best ways to start a collection then we go over the comic books that we're currently reading including Invincible, Harleen, Preacher, Uncanny X-Force and more. Check it out!
Published 06/29/21
For a podcast this vast and expansive, it took 4 Homies to properly review it! Caleb and Oz join us as we breakdown the story, characters, combat, and the controversial ending to the Mass Effect trilogy. Check out our Patreon clip! (https://www.patreon.com/SuperHeroHomies/posts?filters%5Btag%5D=BioWare)
Published 06/28/21
Green Lantern should've been a good movie...It was not. The good Homie, Oz, joins us as we discuss the reasoning behind the movie flopping. We look into the director, writers, source material comparisons, cast, cgi and more. So, what happened to Green Lantern? Listen in and find out!
Published 06/22/21
The Silver Surfer is riddled with guilt from all the lives he helped destroy. After being flung back in time, Norrin seeks redemption and to balance the cosmic scales. Check out our full in-depth review of Silver Surfer Black!
Published 06/15/21
Loki has finally arrived on Disney Plus! We give our spoiler filled thoughts on the good and bad of episode one. Check out our full review of Loki "Glorious Purpose".
Published 06/12/21
Superhero content is still as popular as it ever has been. New shows and movies are constantly being announced which means we have a lot to discuss. Listen in as we give your our thoughts on Hulu's MODOK and Netflix's Sweet Tooth. We also rant about our thoughts and theories on the upcoming Loki tv show! check it out!
Published 06/08/21
There are thousands of comic book characters and some of them have had amazing live screen adaptations. However; there are several awesome characters that deserve more love in the comics and movies. For this episode we list some of the great characters that are underrated.
Published 05/25/21
Jupiter's Legacy is the latest superhero show but is it any good? For this episode we discuss the story details, philosophy of the show, prior works of Mark Millar, comic book comparisons, and overall quality of the show. Listen in to hear our thoughts on Jupiter's Legacy!
Published 05/18/21
On this episode we discuss several topics including the different types of toxic fandom, why manga is outselling comic books, does knowing the source material help or hurt movie experiences, and several more! Check it out!
Published 05/11/21
Invincible season one has come to an end and we have a lot to say about it! Invincible has been able to tell the stories from the comics in its own unique way. These last two episodes are gory, visceral, and also heartfelt. Check out our review of Invincible season one!
Published 05/01/21
Year 5 is the last year before the story begins in the Injustice video game but there's plenty of new plot points, and characters to introduce! Listen in as we breakdown the events, fights, and story elements of Injustice Year 5!
Published 04/27/21
For this episode we cover the last two episodes of the season. We discuss our thoughts on the plot, characters, and more! Check it our wrap up review of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier.
Published 04/24/21
You should definitely watch Invincible and afterwards you should definitely listen to our review! This quirky, violent animated take on the superhero genre continues to impress us. Check out our review of episodes 4-6 of Invincible!
Published 04/21/21
This week we discuss the Shang-Chi trailer, Michael Keaton returning as Batman, the JJ Abrams Superman reboot, World War She-Hulk, and so much more! Be sure to check it out!
Published 04/20/21
Last year we covered Injustice years 1-3 and now we're back for more! We continue with Year 4 and the battle of the old gods. We see Zeus, Hercules, Athena, and more duke it out with the DC Comics heroes. Check out our full review of Injustice Year 4!
Published 04/13/21
This is arguably the best episode of the series yet. There's character development, plenty of solid action, and the pacing of the plot has hit a new high. Check out our full (overly hilarious, bad jokes included) review of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier "The Whole World Is Watching".
Published 04/10/21
Thank you guys for helping us reach our 300th episode! We wanted to do something special so we organized a list of comic books that we think everyone should read. This was an incredibly fun episode and think every Homie will thoroughly enjoy it. Check it out!
Published 04/06/21
We're reintroduced to some big names and a lot happens all in this episode! We discuss the characters, plot lines, comic book easter eggs, and more. Check out our full review of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 3 "Power Broker".
Published 04/03/21
Invincible is a phenomenal comic book and the animated tv show is also amazing. Episode 2 of Falcon and Winter Soldier was a huge step up from the previous episode and we love where the show is going. We have a lot of thoughts (and bad jokes) to share! Listen in as we thoroughly breakdown all of the awesome new content!
Published 03/29/21
This is arguably the most anticipated MCU tv show. The series has a solid start even though some elements fall flat. This was overall an enjoyable opener and we cant wait to see what happens next! Check out our full review of episode one, New World Order.
Published 03/22/21