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SVP and Stanford Steve chat about the PGA championship, Brooks Koepka vs. Bryson DeChambeau, the embarrassment that is the Clippers and cicadas. Plus, another edition of What I Hate
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SVP and Stanford Steve chat about all the injuries going on in the NBA and what’s to blame for them. Plus, Here’s What I Hate. Lastly, Soly from No Laying Up joins the guys to chat about Bryson v. Brooks, The US Open and more. 
Published 06/17/21
SVP and Stanford Steve chat about MLB's problem with pitchers doctoring baseballs. The impact fans are having on sports, especially in college baseball. A look at the NBA Playoffs and what to expect going forward. Plus, some parenting advice and what color is American cheese. Finally, Stu Feiner...
Published 06/09/21
SVP & Stanford Steve chat about Steve’s trip to Camden Yards with his 3 daughters on Monday. Then, the Clippers are coming alive thanks to SVP, Dame Lillard is on fire and can the Bucks hang with the Nets. Plus, a look at the relationship between the media and athletes. Finally, Scott on the...
Published 06/03/21