SVP and Stanford Steve chat about all the injuries going on in the NBA and what’s to blame for them. Plus, Here’s What I Hate. Lastly, Soly from No Laying Up joins the guys to chat about Bryson v. Brooks, The US Open and more. 
Published 06/17/21
SVP and Stanford Steve chat about MLB's problem with pitchers doctoring baseballs. The impact fans are having on sports, especially in college baseball. A look at the NBA Playoffs and what to expect going forward. Plus, some parenting advice and what color is American cheese. Finally, Stu Feiner joins the podcast to talk about mulch, the Islanders and gambling.
Published 06/09/21
SVP & Stanford Steve chat about Steve’s trip to Camden Yards with his 3 daughters on Monday. Then, the Clippers are coming alive thanks to SVP, Dame Lillard is on fire and can the Bucks hang with the Nets. Plus, a look at the relationship between the media and athletes. Finally, Scott on the Spot and Here’s What I Hate.
Published 06/03/21
SVP and Stanford Steve chat about the PGA championship, Brooks Koepka vs. Bryson DeChambeau, the embarrassment that is the Clippers and cicadas. Plus, another edition of What I Hate
Published 05/27/21
SVP is at the PGA Championship and after walking the course, it could be a long weekend for golfers if course conditions stay the way they are. Players like Justin Thomas, Brooks Koepka, Jordan Spieth and others met with the media to discuss the course and you'll hear what they had to say. Plus, it could be tough for SVP this week having to wake up and be on the air at 7am
Published 05/18/21
Published 05/18/21
SVP & Stanford Steve are joined by ESPN’s Brian Windhorst as they discuss the state of the NBA and problems they are facing because of COVID, tanking, resting and much more. Plus, Stanford Steve has some parenting questions for Scott. And, Here’s What I Hate.
Published 05/05/21
SVP & Stanford Steve are joined by rapper, author, chef, Knicks fan & movie star, Action Bronson as they chat about the Knicks, his weight loss and a whole lot more. Plus, SVP & Stanford Steve are happy this week and they talk about the NFL Draft
Published 04/28/21
SVP & Stanford Steve are joined by Todd McShay as they break down the draft. Plus, Here’s What I Hate
Published 04/21/21
SVP & Stanford Steve are back and chat about the Masters, what to watch now until football starts and Julian Edelman's HOF case. Plus, Here's What I Hate & Scott on the Spot: NFL Draft Edition.
Published 04/15/21
SVP and Stanford Steve discuss the first two rounds of the Men’s NCAA Tournament. The Big Ten’s awful weekend, Pac 12 making a statement and everything in between. Plus, here’s what I hate and Scott on the spot.
Published 03/24/21
SVP and Stanford Steve are joined by The Undefeated’s Jesse Washington who co-wrote with John Thompson on his autobiography. They chat about Jesse gaining John Thompson’s trust, Allen Iverson, Patrick Ewing and much, much more. Plus, SVP and Steve chat about finally getting a NCAA Tournament after losing it last year and they take a look at the bracket. And, Steve has a bone to pick with construction on college campuses.
Published 03/16/21
March 11, 2020 is the day the sports world stopped. On that night, Scott Van Pelt hosted SportsCenter as the world changed and joining him on this episode are the people who were a part of that night. Adrian Wojnarowski, Royce Young and Malika Andrews all joined SVP that night to report on what was going on in the NBA. Behind the scene was Marco Alfandary (producer) and Joe Iuliano (director) as they helped guide SVP through that historical night. Those five people along with SVP take a look...
Published 03/10/21
Fresh off his WGC victory, Collin Morikawa joins SVP and Stanford Steve to talk about his win, playing after Tiger Woods’ accident, what he’s done with his winnings and much more. Plus, Steve thinks Phil Martelli is getting too much air time. Meanwhile, SVP has a beef with traffic cameras
Published 03/02/21
SVP and Stanford Steve are joined by Iowa’s Luka Garza who leads the country in scoring. Garza chats about what it was like going from D.C to Iowa, playing for Fran McCaffery, returning for his senior season & more. Plus, a new feature that has Steve yelling about Roundball Rock and Scott going off on college basketball’s Net Ranking
Published 02/23/21
SVP and Stanford Steve are joined by Ohio State head coach Chris Holtmann as they talk about dealing with COVID protocols, how tough the Big Ten is, paying attention to rankings & more. Plus, should teams sit out of the conference tournament, things kids talk about and SVP’s daughter running a home gym
Published 02/17/21
SVP and Stanford Steve breakdown the Super Bowl as Tom Brady won his 7th Super Bowl but don’t talk about GOAT status around Steve. The guys also get into the impressive performance by Tampa Bay and what went wrong with Kansas City. Why Otis the dog needs protection when he goes outside. March Madness is around the corner but the status of conference tournaments is still up in the air. Finally, the guys chat about the weather and SVP has Valentine’s Day advice. 
Published 02/09/21
SVP and Stanford Steve are joined by Jeff Saturday as he goes down memory lane discussing what it was like to finally beat the Patriots, preparing for the Super Bowl, celebrating with his family & more. Stanford Steve talks about going on a recruiting visit at UNC and his host was none other than Jeff Saturday. Plus, SVP has a Super Bowl story about Chris Berman, Tom Jackson, Mike Tirico and himself.
Published 02/07/21
SVP and Stanford Steve discuss the good and bad of being a Bills fan, Super Bowl prop bets and Big 12 vs Big 10 in basketball. Plus, Steve explains the GameStop story
Published 01/28/21
SVP and Stanford Steve talk about Bills Mafia, Andy Reid’s masks, if Aaron Rodgers is in the matrix and more from the NFL playoffs. Plus, Tennessee Volunteer fans need to get a grip on expectations. Finally, Scott on the Spot and Steve tries to fix the PGA, NASCAR and college basketball
Published 01/19/21
SVP and Stanford Steve discuss Alabama’s impressive National Championship and the football factory that Nick Saban has created. Plus, Alabama was clearly the best team but college football has a problem and the system needs to be fixed. And, the guys preview this weekend’s playoff games that includes talk about squals, why Steve hates the Saints, Buffalo geography & more
Published 01/13/21
SVP and Stanford Steve discuss the Giants being upset with the Eagles and why they need to calm down and maybe get new uniforms. Plus, the state of Ohio might be drunk and will continue to be drunk with the Browns in the playoffs and OSU in the national championship. The guys also preview the NFL Playoffs and try to draft a daily fantasy team for the playoffs….it didn’t go well
Published 01/05/21
SVP and Stanford Steve discuss what exactly happened with Lamar Jackson last night, pitchy pitchy woo woo & the bad beat on MNF. Plus, country superstar Luke Combs joins the podcast to discuss going from bouncer to singer, how he got his first hit, friendly wagers and more.
Published 12/15/20
SVP and Stanford Steve start off this episode with a little Christmas karaoke. Next, they get into a discussion about Duke basketball being the most hated team in sports. Then, they get into the latest NFL news and Stanford Steve shares some CFB bowl stories from his playing days.
Published 12/11/20
SVP and Stanford Steve are joined by Richmond basketball coach Chris Mooney as he discusses dealing with COVID-19, beating Kentucky, playing at Princeton and more
Published 12/02/20