This week we review/debate the highest grossing movie of the year. The Tom Cruise phenomena Top Gun: Maverick
Published 09/18/22
Published 09/18/22
This week we review/debate the Netflix movie The Gray Man starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans
Published 08/30/22
This week we review the Apple Plus series Blackbird
Published 08/23/22
We review/debate the new Marvel film Thor Love and Thunder
Published 08/11/22
We are back after a break for a new season of Switch/flicks. This week we debate and review the latest movie in the Jurassic World Franchise.
Published 07/27/22
Share and subscribe to keep up to date on the latest episodes as we review and debate Tom Hardy's latest movie in the Spiderman franchise. Venom let there be carnage
Published 01/07/22
This week we review the most watched movie in Netflix History Red Notice
Published 12/30/21
This week we debate the merits of Dune. Is it the savior of cinema or a done and dusted?
Published 10/25/21
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Published 10/01/21
Published 09/11/21
Omar was up all night protecting the streets so he wasn't able to record with us, so instead we have special guest Majed drop by to review The Dark Knight
Published 09/01/21
This week we review/debate Jungle Cruise except there's a catch Omar hasn't watched it at all
Published 08/23/21
Is G.I.Joe a no go? Find out as we debate/review the new Snake Eyes movie Listen to Hysums Brand New Podcast Freedom of Peach @ linktr.ee/freedomofpeach
Published 08/17/21
Is the new Space Jam film a slam dunk or does it fail to get off the ground? Listen to Hysums other Podcast Freedom of Peach @ linktr.ee/freedomofpeach
Published 08/10/21
Is Black Widow worth a trip to the cinema or was the character better off dead? This week we review/debate Marvels Black Widow
Published 08/04/21
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Published 07/28/21
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Published 07/19/21
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Published 07/14/21
Is the Conjuring the Devils work or a Godsend? We Debate
Published 07/07/21
Follow us @switchflickscast Do we have a bone to pick with Cruella or does it hit the spot?
Published 06/29/21
We get into a screaming about the quality of A Quiet Place Part 2 Follow us on insta @switchflickscast
Published 06/15/21
In our favorite episode yet things go horribly wrong during the podcast recording. We are stuck in a time loop as we debate Zack Snyders Army of the Dead
Published 06/07/21
Family, cars and macho bald men. What more could ask for. follow us @switchflickscast
Published 06/02/21