Take Me To Your Leader!
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If you enjoyed our episode on Giorgia Meloni and the rise of her brand of right-wing politics, then check out this episode from our friends at CBC Podcasts in Canada, and the series Nothing is Foreign. This excerpt is from the episode, Visiting Mussolini's Hometown As Italy Veers Right, and...
Published 04/11/23
How did Narendra Modi go from selling tea on railway platforms rise to becoming the leader of almost 1.4 billion people?  He’s a man with big ideas and an even bigger ambition for his country. But with a backstory full of both mythology and secrets, how much do we really know about his plans?
Published 03/14/23
Sanna Marin became Finland’s third female prime minister at just 34. Her coalition of women-led parties suggest that another kind of politics might be possible. Leading a country with a 1300km border with Russia, Marin finds herself navigating choppy diplomatic and economic waters for Finland,...
Published 03/08/23