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Published 01/15/24
Published 10/10/23
Ferdinand Marcos Jr, better known as “Bongbong”, is the president of the Philippines. His popularity skyrocketed in recent years, particularly among Gen Z, thanks to his stardom on tiktok. But it was almost 40 years ago that he fled the country as a young governor when his father’s authoritarian and corrupt government was overturned in a dramatic coup. 
Published 10/10/23
Recep Tayip Erdoğan’s maintained power for over 20 years by being all things to all people. 
Published 10/03/23
Emmanuel Macron is a straight-talking, ambitious global figure who wants France to help solve the challenges of our time. But at home, he’s a divisive leader who faces a wave of discontent. So how did Emmanuel Macron start his own party and effectively come from nowhere to win two elections as the youngest president in French history. How will the charismatic centrist storming The Élysée Palace fare as far-right populism sweeps Europe?
Published 09/26/23
Ursula von der Leyen is not easy to box. A mother of seven and medical doctor who once lived undercover, under a false identity in London before entering politics, has had a remarkable career. She rose through the ranks in the German parliament in the shadow of Angela Merkel, before being tapped on the shoulder for the president of the European Commission.
Published 09/19/23
Joe Biden is America’s oldest ever president. He wants to stay in the White House another four years and is now campaigning for a second term. If he wins that term, he’ll be 86-years-old by the time he leaves office.
Published 09/12/23
Ukraine's Volodymyr Zelenskyy has captured the world’s attention and admiration like few leaders can.  When Russia launched its war on Ukraine in February 2022, the comic actor turned wartime leader became the face of Ukraine’s resistance. He refused offers of evacuation, famously telling Joe Biden he needed ammunition, not a ride.
Published 09/05/23
There’s a lot going on in the world right now; disruption, upheaval, and conflict. Long-running superpowers are teetering while others are emerging.
Published 08/30/23
Heads up another terrific ABC Listen podcast is If You're Listening and it's back, and better than ever. Same espionage, same corruptions, same scandals, but more often.
Published 08/01/23
We've been going through all the suggestions for leaders to discuss as well as keeping across the massive geopolitical shifts going on right now and am stoked to announce we're currently in production for the second season of Take Me To Your Leader.
Published 07/06/23
Yevgeny Prigozhin is becoming a figure of huge influence in the world right now.  A former petty criminal, hotdog vendor and restaurateur from St Petersburg who went on to build a powerful private army. Prigozhin has been a loyal ally of Putin’s until he turned his sights on Moscow, sparking the biggest crisis in Vladamir Putin’s presidency. 
Published 06/27/23
If you enjoyed our episode on Giorgia Meloni and the rise of her brand of right-wing politics, then check out this episode from our friends at CBC Podcasts in Canada, and the series Nothing is Foreign. This excerpt is from the episode, Visiting Mussolini's Hometown As Italy Veers Right, and takes you to Mussolini's birthplace, Predappio, which, to this day, is home to souvenir shops and shrines honouring the dictator.  Nothing is Foreign tells international stories from where they are...
Published 04/11/23
How did Narendra Modi go from selling tea on railway platforms rise to becoming the leader of almost 1.4 billion people?  He’s a man with big ideas and an even bigger ambition for his country. But with a backstory full of both mythology and secrets, how much do we really know about his plans?
Published 03/14/23
Sanna Marin became Finland’s third female prime minister at just 34. Her coalition of women-led parties suggest that another kind of politics might be possible. Leading a country with a 1300km border with Russia, Marin finds herself navigating choppy diplomatic and economic waters for Finland, and making the case to other world leaders on taking a tougher line against autocrats.
Published 03/08/23
Rishi Sunak is a man of many firsts. He’s the first person of colour to become British PM, the first born to immigrant parents and the first practising Hindu to lead the country and at the age of 42, he’s also the youngest person to take office in more than 200 years. Following a chaotic few years at the top of UK politics, Sunak's appeal may well be him playing the "calm, cool, competent card." 
Published 03/01/23
Israel's veteran leader, Benjamin Netanyahu has served as the country's prime minister longer than anyone else. He's governed on and off for 15 years and has now made a dramatic return to power for a record third time. This time with the help of Israel's ultra-nationalists. He now heads one of the most right-wing governments in Israeli history. What has made King 'Bibi' politically invincible and what does his return aided by the religious far right mean for Israel and the Middle East?
Published 02/21/23
Vladimir Putin’s built an image of the strong leader, bare chested fishing or riding a horse. A Martial arts expert, former intelligence agent and ruthless leader. But what’s behind the strongman persona? And has he put everything on the line with this current war?  We hear from people who know him.
Published 02/15/23
She’s lauded as a trailblazer for being Italy’s first female prime minister, but in her youth she also praised Mussolini. It begs the question, is Giorgia Meloni a feminist or a fascist? As we find out in this episode, the answer is not so simple. We hear how Meloni rose to power and what her far-right nationalist agenda will mean for Italy and Europe. 
Published 02/07/23
Mohammed bin Salman has been described as one of the world’s most dangerous millennials. He’s also been touted by some as Saudi Arabia’s progressive reformer. Who is Crown Prince Salman or MBS as he is commonly known, and what does his leadership mean for the future of Saudi Arabia and the region?
Published 01/31/23
Xi Jinping is one of the most powerful leaders in the world today and he could rule for life. But how much do we really know about him? With China’s strict censorship laws, it’s hard to get the full picture. How did he rise to power and what does his power mean for the world? 
Published 01/24/23
Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Narendra Modi…some of the leaders radically reshaping today’s world. Who are they and what drives them?  Join Hamish Macdonald as he delves into the lives and motives of eight leaders. From autocratic strongmen, to democratic internationalists, from left to right to far right, Take Me To Your Leader! examines the cultural, historical, geographical and personal origins underpinning the ambitions of the people on the world stage.  Listen on the ABC listen app. 
Published 01/17/23