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If you enjoyed our episode on Giorgia Meloni and the rise of her brand of right-wing politics, then check out this episode from our friends at CBC Podcasts in Canada, and the series Nothing is Foreign. This excerpt is from the episode, Visiting Mussolini's Hometown As Italy Veers Right, and takes you to Mussolini's birthplace, Predappio, which, to this day, is home to souvenir shops and shrines honouring the dictator.  Nothing is Foreign tells international stories from where they are actually happening. Hosted by Tamara Khandaker.
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Published 09/26/23
Emmanuel Macron is a straight-talking, ambitious global figure who wants France to help solve the challenges of our time. But at home, he’s a divisive leader who faces a wave of discontent. So how did Emmanuel Macron start his own party and effectively come from nowhere to win two elections as...
Published 09/26/23
Ursula von der Leyen is not easy to box. A mother of seven and medical doctor who once lived undercover, under a false identity in London before entering politics, has had a remarkable career. She rose through the ranks in the German parliament in the shadow of Angela Merkel, before being tapped...
Published 09/19/23