We are down to our final weekend of Semifinals. Sean, Tommy, Lauren and Brian Friend break down the men, women and team divisions ahead of the start of competition.  Will BKG make it 10-straight?  Can anyone challenge Laura Horvath?  Does Oslo Navy Blue have what it takes to compete for the Affiliate Cup?  The crew addresses these questions and more as we get set to send 11 more men, 11 more women and 10 more teams to the CrossFit Games.
Published 05/30/23
The floor plan for North America West is changing.  Sean, Tommy, Lauren and Brian Friend talk about why it's happening and what else it could affect.  Plus, the team previews each division of the North America West Semifinal.  They tell you who are the favorites, who are the dark horses and who you'll want to keep an eye on in certain tests.
Published 05/25/23
Published 05/25/23
NOBULL made news on Tuesday after reportedly letting go of 35% of their staff.  Sean, Tommy Lauren and Brian Friend discuss the move and what it could mean moving forward.  We have two more semfinals on tap this weekend.  The crew previews Oceania and South America.  Plus, another round of PRs and no-reps including the first self PR in the history of the show.
Published 05/23/23
The men and women are set to kick things off at the North America East Semifinal in Orlando, Florida. Sean Woodland, Tommy Marquez, Lauren Kalil and Brian Friend go through each division and tell you who they expect to challenge for the top spot on the podium, who could break through to the CrossFit Games and who you should be keeping an eye on during one event.
Published 05/18/23
Let's get ready for live competition! Sean Woodland, Tommy Marquez, Lauren Kalil and Brian Friend break down all three divisions in the Africa Semifinal and tell you what teams you should be watching in North America East.
Published 05/16/23
All the individual semifinals tests have been revealed! Pat Vellner joins Sean, Tommy, Lauren and Brian Friend as they break down each one, talk about what stands out and what information still needs to be released. Plus, find out what Pat does to wind up his good friend and fellow competitor Brent Fikowski.
Published 05/12/23
The team semifinals tests have been revealed. Sean, Tommy, Lauren and Brian Friend go through each one and discuss what stands out. Brian Friend has published an article on how he would figure the strength of field for each semifinal.  The crew talk about his system, where they think it gets things right and where it can be improved.  Plus, another round of PRs and No Reps.
Published 05/09/23
The CrossFit Semifinals are looking for new homes in North America and Europe. Sean, Tommy and Lauren talk about CrossFit's RFP to cities interested in hosting semifinals competitions for the next three years. Former CrossFit Games athlete and current President of the International Functional Fitness Federation (IF3) Gretchen Kittelberger joins the show to talk about what her organization does to clearly define rules and movement standards, and where they are in the quest to get functional...
Published 05/05/23
Brian Friend from bfriendlyfitness.com joins the show to talk about the Age Group Semifinals, what went wrong with the leaderboard and the performances that stood out this past weekend.  Dave Castro is taking on a bigger role with the Education Department. Sean, Tommy, Lauren and Brian discuss the move and what we might be able to expect moving forward. 
Published 05/02/23
CrossFit made news on Thursday by laying off 20% of their staff. Sean, Tommy and Lauren talk about the surprising move and what may have caused it. Dan Bailey joins the show to discusss the Age Group Semifinal Workouts, why he enjoys competing as a master and the trash talk (or lack thereof) that goes on with his fellow competitors.
Published 04/28/23
Semifinals are set to begin. Sean, Tommy and Lauren take a quick look at the Age Group Semifinal workouts. Brent Fikowski stops by to talk about his year so far, what he would do to improve the CrossFit Games season and why he chooses to train alone. Plus, Lauren sees a movie!
Published 04/25/23
Dave Eubanks is CrossFit's Senior Manager of the Competition Team. If you have questions regarding the video review process, he's the man to answer them. Eubanks, joins the show to answer questions about how the review process works from beginning to end, how appeals are handled, deciding on and communicating penalties to athletes, rule clarification, quality control in judging and how the entire review process can be better.
Published 04/21/23
CrossFit is committed to the current season structure for the foreseeable future, but should they be?  Sean, Tommy and Lauren talk about the pros and cons of getting rid of quarterfinals. Plus, CrossFit makes a statement on the changes to the Adaptive Divisions and Lauren visits HWPO's new headquarters.
Published 04/18/23
CrossFit is updating the appeals process for semifinals. Sean, Tommy and Lauren discuss the changes and talk about how they might affect the competition. The OGs of mobility, Kelly and Juliet Starrett have released a new book entitled, "Built to Move." They talk with Sean and Tommy about their latest publication, how they got started more than 10 years ago, the current state of seminars and things everyone should do to keep themselves as healthy and pain-free as possible.
Published 04/14/23
We have reached the halfway point of the Games season. Sean, Tommy and Lauren revisit the top 10 questions they had coming into 2023. Topics they discuss include which Dottir they think will have the biggest comeback, will the changes to semifinals help inject more energy into that stage of competition and who will wind up replacing Tia Toomey atop the women's podium.
Published 04/11/23
Ricky Garard is done for the season after suffering a shoulder injury while mountain biking. He talks with Oceania Correspondent Jeremy Austin about what happened, what his road to recovery looks likes and the lessons he's learned. Plus, Sean and Tommy talk about what Ricky's absence means for the men's field and who could take his place on the podium
Published 04/07/23
Quarterfinals are officially done. Sean, Tommy and Lauren go over the things that stood out to them in the age group divisions. Meanwhile, CrossFit has released the complete list of penalties and score adjustments for the Individual Quarterfinals. The crew discusses the many reasons why we saw so many penalties and the circumstances around them. Plus, a conversation with the man who currently sits atop the 35-39 Men's Quarterfinals Leaderboard Sam Dancer.
Published 04/04/23
The Team Quarterfinals are done, so what did we learn? Sean and Tommy talk about their key takeaways from the last two days and what teams they will be watching more closely as we head to Semifinals.  The Age Group Quarterfinals are now underway.  Masters athletes Jason Grubb and Annie Sakamoto join Tommy to break down each test. Plus, another edition of Crazy Things We Saw.
Published 04/01/23
The individual quarterfinals leaderboard is officially closed. Sean, Tommy and Lauren give an update on what's going on with penalties and how many total they expect to be handed out. The worldwide rankings have been updated and we know how many spots to the Games will be available at each semifinal. Plus, Mat Fraser stops by to talk all things HWPO and the crew looks at the floor plans for the upcoming team and age group quarterfinals.
Published 03/28/23
Sean, Tommy and Lauren take a look back at the men's Quarterfinals. Oceania Correspondent Jeremy Austin joins the show to tell us who we should be watching from that regiona heading into Semifinals. Plus, we hear from Pat Vellner and Bjorgvin Karl Guomundsson after taking on the 5 tests this past weekend.
Published 03/24/23
Sean, Tommy and Lauren recap the weekend of competition in the women's Quarterfinals and get the thoughts of Mal O'Brien, Emma Cary and Annie Thorsidottir following the five tests they faced. 
Published 03/21/23
Talking Elite Fitness Oceania Correspondent Jeremy Austin sits down with 10-time CrossFit Games athlete Kara Saunders to talk about her pregnancy, if and when she plans on coming back to competition, how she originally found CrossFit and the advice she has for younger athletes who are starting to take up the sport.  
Published 03/17/23
The Quarterfinals are upon us! Sean and Tommy break down the five tests that will determine who advances to the next stage of the season. Open winner Jeff Adler and his coach Caroline Lambray stop by to talk about their initial thoughts on the upcoming weekend.  Plus, experience the drama of March Madness as Tommy deals with a nerve-wracking finish to the Arizona versus Princeton game in real time.
Published 03/16/23
Monster Michael Todd checks in from Atlanta after his first phyiscal therapy session.  He talks about what he and his doctor accomplished and how this recovery will affect his training for the left hand matches he has coming up.
Published 03/14/23