Once More With Feeling (Terrified)
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Barbara Boxer, David French, & Jason Kander join Harry to compare and contrast 2024 w/ 2020; consider the American people’s apparent indifference to Trump’s insurrectionary conduct; analyze Biden’s reduced support among important constituencies; & assess the impact of the developments in the various criminal trials.
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A stellar panel of Jason Kander, Carol Lee, and Congressman Eric Swalwell assesses the debates, Haley’s endorsement of Trump, & the swing-state polls.
Published 05/27/24
Published 05/27/24
Lots happening out there, but NY v. Trump remains the main event, and this week we again bring you a roundtable of all new prominent commentators–and all first time @talkingfedspod guests–who have been in and around the court the whole trial.
Published 05/20/24