This episode marks a historic week, as the first ever criminal trial of a former President gets underway in Manhattan.
Published 04/15/24
Published 04/15/24
As the first-ever trial of a former President looks imminent & certain, an only-on-Talking-Feds roundtable of Molly Jong-Fast, Josh Marshall, & Sen Sheldon Whitehouse joins Harry to assess how the spectacle of Trump-in-the-chair will play on the campaign trail.
Published 04/08/24
With the campaign underway in earnest, the question of whether Trump can be held accountable for his constitutional misconduct and alleged crimes becomes ever more paramount.
Published 04/01/24
Rather than the standard 3-guest roundtable, we convened 12 of the most well-known TV commentators for a very lively and dynamic dialogue on the big developments in front of us and on the horizon.
Published 03/25/24
Barbara Boxer, David French, & Jason Kander join Harry to compare and contrast 2024 w/ 2020; consider the American people’s apparent indifference to Trump’s insurrectionary conduct; analyze Biden’s reduced support among important constituencies; & assess the impact of the developments in the various criminal trials.
Published 03/18/24
Robert Costa, Hugo Lowell, & Tara Setmayer join Harry to break down the pivotal events that brought us here – Trump’s rout of Haley on Super Tuesday and Biden’s rousing SOTU.
Published 03/11/24
No court ruled for Donald Trump this week, yet he got several assists in his quest to delay and even evade accountability.
Published 03/04/24
A week in which actors other than Donald Trump took center stage, and a great and super-savvy panel of Jonathan Alter, E.J. Dionne, and Sen. Heidi Heitkamp joins Harry to analyze the events & their implications.
Published 02/26/24
Even by Trump standards, it was an extraordinarily explosive week, with the fireworks continuing into the live taping of the episode
Published 02/19/24
Trump’s fortunes arrive at the doorstep of the Supreme Court in two huge cases that each could have a decisive impact on the presidential election.
Published 02/12/24
An incisive and lively panel of political commentators and analysts joins Harry to dissect all the ‘would’ve, could’ve, should’ve’s’ of the past week in law and politics.
Published 02/05/24
A stellar panel of political savants joins Harry to analyze where the Republican race now stands & the potential impact on the legal minefield that Trump navigated less than adroitly this week.
Published 01/29/24
David Frum, Bill Kristol, and Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon join Harry to analyze Trump’s antics in Iowa & the E Jean Carroll defamation trial, before taking up a sleeper of a Supreme Court case that could have a massive impact on our everyday lives.
Published 01/22/24
Donald Trump skipped Iowa in the final days before the nation’s 1st primary to remain in DC courtrooms and deliver his stump speech fueled by grievance, resentment, and vengeance.
Published 01/15/24
In this all-new Talking Feds, a terrific panel—Jonathan Capehart, Sadie Gurman, and Jim Walden—join Harry to focus on the two big cases now on appeal and then take up the diminishing prospects for bipartisan action in Congress on immigration.
Published 01/08/24
This week’s episode is a special discussion on a crisis in the U.S. that is as grave as it is underappreciated — loneliness.
Published 01/01/24
In this special re-release of a Talking Feds episode that garnered significant attention, we begin by examining recent developments in the Fentanyl crisis before revisiting a conversation that is only more pertinent now than when we first released it over a year ago.
Published 12/25/23
A week in which important pitched battles commenced, as explained and analyzed by a super-knowledgeable panel of Al Franken, Alexi McCammond, & Bob Shrum.
Published 12/18/23
An episode with a somewhat longer vantage point than our normal fare, w/ a matching thoughtful panel of David French, Susan Glasser, & Jonah Goldberg.
Published 12/11/23
It was a week of bombshell developments across a range of venues, & a stellar roundtable of Senator Heidi Heitkamp, Carol Lee, & Charlie Sykes joins Harry to take stock, even as the news continued to explode.
Published 12/04/23
It’s our quarterly episode focusing on DOJ, and it coincides with a series of high-visibility cases—most but not all involving Trump—and the pivotal decisions they present for Garland, Smith, & Co.
Published 11/27/23
It was a week in which Donald Trump & his party plunged to new rhetorical and physical lows, & a terrific roundtable of Alisyn Camerota, Kyle Cheney & Bill Kristol join Harry to consider the fallout.
Published 11/20/23
Our semi-annual focus on economics with a stellar set of guests – Dean Baker, Paul Krugman, and Stephanie Ruhle – falls this week at the starkest of crossroads: economic news and bellwethers are stunningly good while American’s views of the state of the economy are stunningly bad.
Published 11/13/23
It’s a week of stock-taking as well as explanation of the Trump developments on half a dozen separate fronts.
Published 11/06/23