An episode with a somewhat longer vantage point than our normal fare, w/ a matching thoughtful panel of David French, Susan Glasser, & Jonah Goldberg.
Published 12/11/23
It was a week of bombshell developments across a range of venues, & a stellar roundtable of Senator Heidi Heitkamp, Carol Lee, & Charlie Sykes joins Harry to take stock, even as the news continued to explode.
Published 12/04/23
It’s our quarterly episode focusing on DOJ, and it coincides with a series of high-visibility cases—most but not all involving Trump—and the pivotal decisions they present for Garland, Smith, & Co.
Published 11/27/23
It was a week in which Donald Trump & his party plunged to new rhetorical and physical lows, & a terrific roundtable of Alisyn Camerota, Kyle Cheney & Bill Kristol join Harry to consider the fallout.
Published 11/20/23
Our semi-annual focus on economics with a stellar set of guests – Dean Baker, Paul Krugman, and Stephanie Ruhle – falls this week at the starkest of crossroads: economic news and bellwethers are stunningly good while American’s views of the state of the economy are stunningly bad.
Published 11/13/23
It’s a week of stock-taking as well as explanation of the Trump developments on half a dozen separate fronts.
Published 11/06/23
8 years after reports surfaced of strange and worrisome connections between Donald Trump the presidential candidate & Russia, we still don’t know the full story, a glaring gap in the history & understanding of the Trump era.
Published 10/30/23
This episode explores what needs to be done to return to some semblance of healthy polity with the help of four distinguished panelists: Bill Kristol, Jason Kander, Jennifer Palmieri, and David French.
Published 10/23/23
This episode focuses on law enforcement with three incisive commentators who know law enforcement inside and out: Frank Figliuzzi, Juliette Kayyem, Asha Rangappa, and Elie Honig.
Published 10/16/23
Our periodic focus on US foreign policy, with a twist.
Published 10/09/23
The country, the Senate, & CA lost one of its longest-serving and most distinguished public servants last week. Senator Dianne Feinstein—the first woman mayor of SF who became the longest serving female senator in history—had far too many important accomplishments to chronicle in an hour.
Published 10/05/23
A great trio of Court commentators – Dahlia Lithwick, Mark Stern, and Steve Vladeck – join Harry to discuss the Court’s position and trajectory.
Published 10/02/23
The first of a very special trio of episodes recorded live at the Texas Tribune Festival. Each episode explores the state of an institution of existential value to our democracy after eight years of Trump influence and assesses what needs to be done going forward to return to full health. This episode focuses on the journalism industry, with three of the most prominent and experienced members of the 4th estate: Katie Benner, Jacob Weisberg, and Columbia School of Journalism Dean Jelani...
Published 09/25/23
It was a week of continuing hot action in the Trump prosecutions, combined major lawsuits not involving the former President. An awesome set of guests–Peter Baker, Erin Burnett, and Josh Marshall–join Harry to break it all down, starting with the odiferous indictment of Hunter Biden on rarely brought charges following a political outcry from House R’s. They then take up impeachment, McCarthy’s feckless week, Romney’s parting broadsides against the GOP, and the landmark antitrust case v...
Published 09/18/23
At the end of another explosive news week, another great group of thoughtful guests—Julia Ainsley, David Jolly, & Lisa Rubin—join Harry to talk through the biggest stories.
Published 09/11/23
A great group of legal & political commentators - George Conway, Al Franken, and Melissa Murray - join Harry to break it all down, including Mark Meadows' high-risk testimony in support of moving his state charges to federal court & Judge Tanya Chutkan’s selection of a trial date in March 2024.
Published 09/04/23
We pause our coverage of Trump’s burgeoning legal minefield and the related political landscape for a periodic close look at the current status & future prospects of the Russia-Ukraine War.
Published 08/28/23
In this week’s @talkingfedspod, a stellar set of expert commentators—Carol Leonnig, Alexi McCammond, and Norm Ornstein—dives in to the law and the politics of Trump’s long list of legal calamaties.
Published 08/21/23
In one of our signature series of first-cut nuts-and-bolts analyses of the indictments against Trump, two guests with in-depth knowledge of Georgia law and practice - Norm Eisen & Gwen Keyes Fleming - break down Fani Willis’ omnibus indictment against Donald Trump and 18 other defendants. They begin with a simplification of the basic RICO charge and then undertake a broad survey of the charges, the prospect for cooperators, how the case will be presented to a jury, the likely schedule,...
Published 08/16/23
It was a week when Trump, through his lawyers, became acquainted with Judge Tanya Chutkan, who will preside over the most important of the criminal cases against him.
Published 08/14/23
This week’s episode is a clear-eyed, sober exposition of the legal & factual claims Trump can be expected to bring in the 1/6 case.
Published 08/07/23
The indictment of Donald Trump on charges growing out of multiple schemes to steal the election is the most important case in the history of the Department of Justice and probably the country.
Published 08/02/23
While all eyes were focused on the courthouse in Washington DC, the DOJ and Jack Smith took us by surprise Friday afternoon with a superseding indictment against Trump + 2 defendants.
Published 07/31/23
Our quarterly DOJ Report Card arrives in a very propitious week that began with the receipt by Donald Trump of a second target letter from DOJ, moved through a hearing and subsequent order in the Mar-A-Lago documents case, and ended with significant charges out of Michigan that underscore the need for Jack Smith to begin to share information.
Published 07/24/23
The news that the Grand Jury recently heard testimony from Jared Kushner & Hope Hicks suggests that the feds are approaching an end-game for a new set of charges against Trump focused on the Big Lie and the series of post-election frauds, though their shape & timing remains opaque. The Mar-A-Lago case heads for the 1st important showdown and reveal of Judge Cannon’s bonafides. And the Republican clown car in Congress rolls on with a blockade of the defense bill & a grilling of the...
Published 07/17/23