We dive the ocean depths to find out how you fix undersea cables that keep us online. Also this week, the documentary that's programmed to have fifty two quintillion different versions. If you're planning to watch all of them you'll possibly need a coffee, so we look at the tech behind coffee bean roasters. And how do you enrich the tech lives of lemurs and parrots ? We speak to an expert. Presenter: Chris Vallance Producer: Tom Quinn (Photo: Illustration of a submarine communications cable....
Published 04/16/24
Published 04/16/24
This week on Tech Life we are looking at the problem of space junk, the man-made debris hurtling around our planet. Could it threaten some of the everyday tech we all rely on? Also this week, don't you just hate it when stuff doesn't work? Are internet and social media outages becoming more frequent ? A doctor in Argentina has created a video game to help calm the nerves of children facing a hospital operation. And what weighs three tonnes and is the size of a mini-van ? It's the world's...
Published 04/09/24
The internet plays an important role in most of our lives today. What will it, and other tech, look like in the future ? We take a long view with a veteran of the tech industry. Also on Tech Life this week, some of the biggest social media platforms have been accused of obstructing information on abortion and reproductive healthcare in developing countries. And health tech helps to combat child malnutrition in Africa. Presenter: Shiona McCallum Producer: Tom Quinn (Photo: A photo of a...
Published 04/02/24
Electric bikes and scooters are popular. But charging them can be inconvenient, and occasionally risky. We look at various approaches to charging batteries around the world. Also this week, our reporter Marc Cieslak meets schoolchildren involved in a project to introduce them to artificial intelligence and programming through skills acquired playing chess. And we try out the next generation of Bluetooth connectivity. Presenter: Zoe Kleinman Producers: Alasdair Keane and Tom Quinn (Photo:...
Published 03/26/24
There are hundreds of former nuclear reactors around the world, which are harmful for those trying to decommission them. That's where a four legged robot called Spot comes in and Tech Life have been to meet it. Also in this episode; the impact of auto-correct constantly misspelling names and how scientists are using AI and tourist boats to learn more about whales. Presenter: Shiona McCallum Producer: Alasdair Keane (Picture: Spot the robot at a decommissioned nuclear plant /BBC)
Published 03/19/24
What do you look for when buying a mobile phone? And what do you do with your old phone? Have you thought about trading it in and recycling? Your needs might vary, depending upon where in the world you live. We explore the options. Also this week, find out about the digital repatriation of historical artefacts. (Photo: A pile of mobile phones. Credit: Peter Dazeley/Getty Images)
Published 03/12/24
Zoe Kleinman visits a satellite earth station from the era of the first moon landings, and a spaceport developing horizontal rocket launches. Find out how tech is being used to communicate deep into space, and launch rockets from jet planes. Also on Tech Life, cyborg jellyfish could soon be swimming the ocean depths, providing valuable data to scientists. And an AI-generated internet radio station keeps you up to date with non-news. PHOTO: Zoe Kleinman at Goonhilly Earth Station. Credit: BBC.
Published 03/05/24
MWC in Barcelona is a big global mobile phone industry event. Shiona McCallum is there for Tech Life, looking out for new tech and innovations which could impact our lives. This year, wearable tech is attracting alot of attention. Also in this edition, we want to know your top tips for fixing tech problems. (Photo: Shiona McCallum tries the AI Pin at MWC in Barcelona. Credit: BBC)
Published 02/27/24
Voice cloning is becoming so sophisticated that even live phone calls can be generated by machine. Is it possible to protect yourself ? Mouthguard technology is monitoring the hardest tackles on rugby players - our reporter gives it a try. Also in this week's Tech Life, we look at tracing your family tree with tech. And hear about winter-proof long-distance drones delivering supplies in Norway. PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images/demaerre
Published 02/20/24
What connects the Chinese government, giraffes in Namibia, and tech ? We bring you the strange tale of how one social media message went viral. Also in this edition of Tech Life, Shiona McCallum meets a smart robotic guide dog. And bringing cyber-security to girls in Africa - meet the woman making it happen. (Photo: A giraffe eating leaves from high branches. Credit: Michael B. Brown/Giraffe Conservation Foundation)
Published 02/13/24
We're looking at health tech. Our reporter gets hands-on with a new ultrasound system in Kenya helping to keep mothers healthy during pregnancy. And tech for the menopause. Why isn't there more of it ? Also on this edition of Tech Life, the social media platform we used to call Twitter has a new rival. And tech at the Vatican - we interview the Pope's adviser on technology. PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images/ER Productions Ltd
Published 02/06/24
Sonar and AI have been brought together in a hand-held device that can find humans underwater. We speak to its inventor and an underwater search team leader. Chris Vallance examines voice cloning and has a telephone conversation with artificial intelligence. Shiona McCallum reports on tech protecting crops from climate change in Africa. And Alasdair Keane learns about making magnets. PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images/Editorial12
Published 01/30/24
Tech Life does a deep dive into Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs. We find out the countries where they are most in demand. Also in this edition, we learn about video gaming in Iran. And we speak to the teenager in India who invented a device to help people with Alzheimer's, inspired by his grandmother. PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images/Traitov
Published 01/23/24
Technology can pose dangers to our mental health - cyberbullying, social media addiction and disinformation. But can tech help our mental wellbeing ? We explore the issues. Tech Life's Alasdair Keane reports from Las Vegas on a sound system for cars that alters music as the vehicle is driven. And tech meets beauty - find out about hair dryers delivering more than hot air. PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images/Westend61
Published 01/16/24
Las Vegas plays host to CES - one of the biggest consumer tech trade shows in the world. Alasdair Keane is there for Tech Life, reporting on the latest innovations and devices. Also, video gaming is big business in Africa. Tech Life presenter Shiona McCallum finds out how big the business is. And a new substance has been discovered which could solve a problem with rechargeable batteries. (Photo: Sphere logo. Credit: Greg Doherty/Getty Images)
Published 01/09/24
Shiona McCallum and Alasdair Keane present a special edition of Tech Life. They invite BBC reporters to predict what might happen in the world of tech in 2024. From Africa to North America, from Asia to Europe, our experts give you their tips for what might be making technology news in the coming months. Hear about electric cars, cryptocurrency, video games, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and more. How will developments affect your life ? Photo Credit: Getty Images/Ketut Agus Suardika
Published 01/02/24
Tech Life looks back at another rollercoaster twelve months. From warnings AI might kill us all, to the tech millionaire trying to live forever, we review the biggest stories and our favourite interviews from 2023.
Published 12/29/23
Internet usage is booming. We're using online services more than ever before. So which ones are popular, and why? We find out. Also, we bring you two very different voices from Africa, talking about the benefits - and problems - of social media content. And many of us are still dealing with the consequences of coronavirus. Now experts are using technology to help prepare for the next pandemic. PHOTO CREDIT: Mike Muchiri, or Muchiri Mike as he's known on TikTok, with Tech Life's Shiona...
Published 12/19/23
Tech Life looks at ways to connect people. We examine the mobile phone usage gap. What is it and can it be narrowed ? And how do you shop online if you have no official address? Our reporter in Brazil finds out. Also, we look at the company saving billions of litres of drinking water around the world by detecting leaky pipes using clever tech. And we find out about the latest fast-paced video gaming technology for people who are blind or partially-sighted.
Published 12/12/23
Alasdair Keane is on a farm with a difference exploring the tech helping farmers adapt to changing climates. We'll hear from startups tyring to improve how crops are watered and analysing moisture data from space. We also find out how one ice cream company is warming their freezers without the ice cream melting. (Picture: Inside IGS vertical farm)
Published 12/05/23
Shiona McCallum reports from Kenya on ways people there are tackling e-waste and helping to recycle electronic products. It is one of the fastest growing streams of waste, with an estimated 50 million tonnes produced globally every year. Also in this episode Alasdair Keane has been finding out about a project to make the internet available in more languages and we hear about a community in India using step trackers to campaign for better sanitation.
Published 11/28/23
We join the search for tomorrow's innovators at a global competition in Portugal. Who will win ? Listen and find out. Also, why do some AI chatbots perform better using the English language ? And new signings are heading to one of the world's most popular football video games. Photo: Competition finalists, Lisbon, November 2023.
Published 11/21/23
This special edition of Tech Life comes from Nairobi, in Kenya. We visit an agri-tech hackathon, where high tech ideas for reducing the vast amount of wasted crops in Africa are being put forward. We have a tour of the Basi-Go E-bus charging depot, and hear their vision for bringing the electric vehicle revolution to the streets of Nairobi. Market traders tell us how their lives have been transformed by the M-Pesa mobile money system - and we head to Nairobi Garage start up to meet the next...
Published 11/14/23
Arturo Béjar is a former director of engineering at Facebook and was responsible for its protect and care team. He shares his concerns with Tech Life. Also, we get the view from South Korea on making artificial intelligence tools safe. And how to sniff out forest fires - with the help of an AI nose. PHOTO CREDIT: Arturo Béjar
Published 11/07/23