E15: BOTTLED UP: Anger, Pain, & Sadness — Finding Closure (Alone), Letting Go, & Moving On
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Several years after being betrayed by the people she trusted the most, Johnell joins Tarek to share her story no one else has ever made space for. From her partner to her best friends, the people she thought would always be there seemed to turn their back on her when she needed them most. Struggling to navigate this betrayal and the responsibility of becoming a new mother, she was forced to move on, but so many words were left unsaid. Words, feelings, anger, and sadness that never faded, just bottled up inside of her. In this episode, Tarek guides Johnell through expressing and letting all of these emotions out so that she can heal and move forward. Tarek also provides her (and listeners) with additional tools to release bottled-up emotions, and how to heal herself during this grieving process. 
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Published 02/10/24
The labyrinth of personal healing is often clouded with the shame and secrecy of our deepest struggles. Embark with me, Tarek Ali, as I traverse the raw and intimate pathways of my own self-discovery, laying bare the battles with anxiety and the transformative power of returning to one's roots....
Published 02/08/24