368: CODY WESCOTT- Lift Heavy, Swing Fast.
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Guest: Cody Wescott (Founder Cody Wescott Golf)Host: Jeff PelizzaroEpisode Number: 368Podcast: The 18STRONG PodcastPartners: Linksoul, 1stPhorm Summary Join me as I welcome Cody Wescott from Cody Wescott Golf and the Swing Heavy Lift Fast Program to the show for an insightful discussion that’s sure to up your golf game and fitness routine. We kick things off by exploring the relationship between strength training and golf performance, as Cody shares his candid take on traditional weightlifting versus golf-specific training. We dig into the essence of crafting an effective workout that balances what you enjoy and what truly benefits your game, while Cody challenges the idea of personal trainers and their impact on a golfer’s progress. Listen in as we tackle the multifaceted nature of golf training, focusing on the harmony of mobility, strength, and power. We break down his holistic approach to athlete development, as seen in his “Lift Every Swing Fast” program, which has successfully been adopted by numerous golfers. Cody and I also touch upon the often-overlooked importance of cardiovascular health for recovery, endurance, and the enjoyment of golf well into one’s later years. The inspiring story of Tony, an 85-year-old fitness enthusiast, serves as a powerful reminder that it’s never too late to embrace an active lifestyle. The conversation shifts to the nuances between golf exercises and drills, emphasizing the importance of selecting the right methods to enhance your game. We address how gym workouts should complement, not replace, swing drills, and the potential pitfalls of following fitness trends on social media. As we delve into muscle building and mobility, I underscore the evolution of muscle-building philosophies and the significance of nutrition in supporting both body composition and performance. Don’t miss this episode packed with practical advice and personal insights that could transform your approach to golf and fitness. Cody Wescott * Cody’s journey in the fitness world spans decades, covering everything from bodybuilding and powerlifting to crossfit and pilates. * Today, his primary focus is on training golfers, treating them like the athletes they truly are. * His mission is straightforward: help golfers navigate the fitness landscape, finding the right training approach for their goals – without all the BS. * Cody’s philosophy is his motto, the namesake of his flagship program, “Lift Heavy, Swing Fast.” His program has impacted hundreds of athletes globally, helping them look, play, and feel their best for the long haul. Main Topics (00:04) Optimal Golf and Fitness Training Nature’s impact on golf performance, incorporating fitness, traditional weight training, and the role of personal trainers. (09:44) Golf Performance Effective golf training programs include total body workouts, targeted mobility exercises, and strategic speed and power work. (14:56) Cardiovascular Health in Golf Longevity and Performance Cardio and resistance training in golf improve recovery, performance, and longevity, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing health in mid-li...
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