Published 05/11/22
Stripe's Technical Advisor to the CTO, Penelope Phippen stops by and Ben tries to get her to divulge company secrets.
Published 05/11/22
Ben and Derrick chat through a cool new feature Tuple is shaping up. They also discuss Tuple's ambitious marketing bets.
Published 05/04/22
Ben and the Tuple team have hit a good shipping stride lately. Derrick and team are nearing completion on a few large SavvyCal initiatives. The guys reflect on MicroConf and the nature of dispensing advice.
Published 04/20/22
Derrick and Ben share updates from the Castos recording booth at MicroConf Growth.
Published 04/06/22
Our favorite Canadian drops by to talk mobility, fancy A/V setups, what's next for Tailwind UI, and how we'll never find peace of mind.
Published 03/30/22
Ben and Derrick riff on a variety of topics, including coffee brewing, retreats, MicroConf, design, finding business ideas, and interesting subreddits. Links: Sweet Maria's MicroConf Finding My Next Bootstrapped Business Idea The Stair Step Approach to Bootstrapping fatFIRE OneBag - The Art of Minimalist Travel
Published 03/23/22
The Tuple team has recently grown by three team members! Ben is looking forward to getting the Linux client out the door in the next month. Derrick is staying busy moving SavvyCal forward and bringing his new developer into the app.
Published 03/16/22
Ben talks to Brian Lovin, a designer, podcaster, writer, and software tinkerer.
Published 03/09/22
Ben and Derrick chat with Tuple's Chief of Staff and GTD expert, Stephen Dolan. They discuss Stephen's path from programming to sales to his current role and nerd out over methods for staying productive.
Published 03/02/22
Ben recently had a Tuple team retreat. He is still in hiring mode. The Tuple product team is progressing on their Linux integration. Derrick ran a product-market fit survey for SavvyCal, and the results are... tune in to find out. He's pondering how to approach a freemium play.
Published 02/23/22
Ben & Derrick chat with Courtland Allen from Indie Hackers. They discuss the challenges of building a community and finding fulfillment in work, among a variety of other topics. Resources: Indie Hackers SavvyCal Tuple
Published 02/09/22
Derrick and Ben catch-up about what's going on at Tuple and SavvyCal. Derrick had a fun customer experience on Twitter last week. Ben is still in hiring mode.
Published 01/26/22
Derrick & Ben catch up after a few weeks away for the holidays. Ben is still in hiring mode. He's considering ways to do more teaching (something he used to do a lot when he was a programmer by trade). Derrick is planning to be more intentional in fostering a growth mindset this year in business and life.
Published 01/12/22
Ben & Derrick chat about doing what you love versus doing what the business needs.
Published 12/22/21
Ben and Derrick catch up after a holiday break. Ben chats about his recent design hire and Stephen's promotion to Chief of Staff at Tuple. Derrick ran a successful Black Friday promo for SavvyCal and is hard at work on the Stripe integration.
Published 12/08/21
Ben and Derrick plan for the future of the podcast.
Published 12/01/21
Ben and Derrick chat about their ambitions for building their companies and planning for the new year.
Published 11/17/21
Ben tells the story about a recent Tuple incident in production. The guys discuss how they're putting planning into action after last week's chat with Adam about Shape Up. Derrick gives an update about growth efforts for SavvyCal.
Published 11/10/21
Ben and Derrick talk to Adam about how to effectively plan and organize work.
Published 11/03/21
Penelope Phippen is back on the show to continue the conversation from Episode 180 about how Stripe does with it does.
Published 10/20/21
Ben is back home from the Vineyard and Derrick is back to 100%. Tuple is hiring a Product Designer and considering adding a bit more structure to their product planning process. Derrick recently shipped a new marketing site update
Published 10/13/21
Ben and Derrick strategize about how to allocate time and energy and staying in tune with customers.
Published 10/06/21
Ben and team are preparing to officially designate Tuple 1.0! Derrick is working on embedding SavvyCal more deeply in customers' workflows and is digging more moats around time zone handling.
Published 09/22/21
Ben is back on Martha's Vineyard enjoying some partial days off. The Tuple team just shipped a major overhaul of the app internals with better performance and less CPU usage. Derrick has been doing a bit of housekeeping & maintenance work to make the core SavvyCal offering even smoother.
Published 09/15/21