When will we get a COVID-19 vaccine? There's never been a question more people around the world have asked at the same time. Those on the frontlines of this search for a cure are under enormous pressure to deliver a safe solution in record time, and they are increasingly turning to new technologies to accelerate the process. And the common enemy of this virus has transformed teams of competitors into collaborators. Has science been changed forever?   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and...
Published 07/21/20
There are no shortage of environmental issues to keep track of, but what about soil degradation? This podcast is part of The Australian's coverage of the Global Food Forum, an annual conference presented in partnership with VISY. You can find more content like this at: https://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/global-food-forum-2019 Music used in this podcast: Daniel Birch - Amber Haze, Blue Lagoon
Published 04/12/19
There's a green rush underway in Victoria as commercial operators make a move on medicinal cannabis. Cann Group has developed Australia's largest such facility to date, at an undisclosed location in Melbourne. Company CEO Peter Crock takes us behind the scenes on a crash course in legitimate marijuana production.
Published 02/24/19
A weekly interview with journalists, writers, editors, presenters and other media careerists. On this episode Media Diarist Stephen Brook interviews Hedley Thomas, the investigative journalist behind the record breaking true crime podcast The Teacher's Pet, which has him fielding offers for a Hollywood adaptation.Hedley's has taken on Prime Ministers, billionaires, and the Australian Federal Police. As a foreign correspondent he covered the collapse of communism. He's won a gold Walkley award...
Published 12/07/18
One of the most peculiar things about Paddy Moriarty’s disappearance is that his dog, Kellie, is missing too. We investigate the strange twist that might be the key to this mystery, and what his absence means for a town on the brink of vanishing.Music credits:Kevin Macleod - Thinking Music Steve Combs - Play the Hook and Leave Doctor Turtle - Let's Just Get Through Christmas Chris Zabriskie - The Theatrical Poster for Poltergeist III electric-tric - Sketch 10 Chris Zabriskie - Unfoldment...
Published 05/22/18
Paddy Moriarty loved a tall tale and was known as a larrikin. Some of the potential reasons for his disappearance sound like a tall tale themselves. There are sinkholes, crocodiles and a dangerous highway that others have vanished on. And by all accounts, Paddy had a bit past.Music credits:Kevin Macleod - Thinking Music Rest You Sleeping Giant - Old Tape Loops Chris Zabriskie - The Theatrical Poster for Poltergeist III Steve Combs - A Vital Piece of Music for All Your Soundtrack...
Published 05/22/18
For people in Larrimah, the hardship isn’t just that Paddy Moriarty’s missing. Or that he’s probably not coming back alive. They’re facing the idea that one of their neighbours might have done something terrible.Music credits:Kevin Macleod - Thinking Music Chris Zabriskie - The Theatrical Poster for Poltergeist III Mink Lungs - Black Balloon Komiku - Ambiant Hope Swelling - Night I Lee Rosevere - Late Night Tales electric-tric - Sketch 23
Published 05/22/18
If there’s one thing Larrimah’s residents can agree on, it’s that Paddy Moriarty and Fran Hodgetts have been fighting for years. Now the grandmother, who make pies for a crust, has people driving past her teahouse accusing her of murder. But she has her own theory about what happened to Paddy.Music credits:Kevin Macleod - Thinking Music Doctor Turtle - New Boots Rag Doctor Turtle - I Snost I Lost Steve Combs - A Vital Piece of Music for All Your Soundtrack Needs Josh Woodward - Cant Take...
Published 05/22/18
As police begin to suspect Paddy Moriarty has met with foul play, existing tensions in Larrimah flare up. The town has been in a civil war for more than a decade. There’s a missing train, a secret cricket match and accusations of theft, arson and hooning. A rusty filing cabinet may hold the answer to what tore this Tidy Town apart.Music credits:Captive Portal - When We Were Once Rest You Sleeping Giant - An Old Parlor Guitar Kai Engel - Slum Canto Komiku - Champ de Tournesol Komiku -...
Published 05/22/18
Paddy Moriarty was a larrikin — and when he goes missing under mysterious circumstances, the tiny town of Larrimah finds itself in the midst of an outback mystery. This is Never Never country, it’s easy to get lost here. But there are plenty of other ways a man can disappear, and all of the town’s 11 residents have a theory about what happened.Music creditsDoctor Turtle - New Boots Rag Doctor Turtle - I Snost I Lost Kevin Macleod - Thinking Music Cullah - Master of the Universe Josh...
Published 05/22/18
Australia's organic industry today is only a small slice of total food production, but there's plenty of optimism and commercial investment in the space. What does the term "organic" actually mean to producers and consumers, and is that way of seeing the world fundamentally incompatible with larger ambitions? Music credits:Lee Rosevere, A Vital Piece of Music for All Your Soundtrack Needs Evan Shaeffer, Glow Lee_Rosevere, Southside Lee_Rosevere, More on that Later Swelling,...
Published 03/20/18
Is a solution for the Murray Darling Basin too much to hope for? Farmers and locals on the border of New South Wales and Victoria tell their side of a story, and explain their frustration with the state of Australia's politicians.
Published 03/02/18
The enduring love story that drove one of Australia's greatest boxers who never was.Music credits I got 99 broadswords but this isn't one (Komiku) Androids always escape (Chris Zabriskie) Tent show audio courtesy of TenSecondsOut
Published 02/20/18
Searching for the man whose adventures inspired a generation of Australians.Music credits Big tree (Evan Schaeffer) I will not let you let me down, Honcho Graham from Birmingham (Josh Woodward) Ambient truth (Komiku) Readers do you read, God be with you till we meet again (Chris Zabriskie) Journey of Documentary clips courtesy of Atalanti Dionysus
Published 02/20/18
The humble objects treasured by Mao's last dancer.Music credits Mirror lake (Cyrus) Opening, Wake up heroic figure, Dreaming of you (Komiku) Nirvana VEVO (Chris Zabriskie) Honcho Graham from Birmingham (Josh Woodward)
Published 02/20/18
A young mother makes a desperate bid to save her infant son.Music creditsDeep dive, Persistence with beat (Raphael Angel) La Citadelle (Komiku) Three kites circling, The thorn revisit (Axletree) I need to start writing things down (Chris Zabriskie) Lizard Island audio courtesy of Delaware North
Published 02/20/18
The private pleasures of Australia's greatest composer, only discovered a decade after his death.Music credits Action investigation, Time (Komiku) A queer and pleasant danger (Mystery Mammal) Vervain (Axletree) All archival audio courtesy of the Estate of Percy Aldridge Grainger​
Published 02/20/18
How a Solomon Island war canoe launched a signature swimming style. Music credits But enough about me Bill Paxton, Undercover vampire policeman (Chris Zabriskie) This is not a rock song (Monplasir) You're right but I'm me (Doctor Turtle) Flutter by Butterfly, Frannie (Josh Woodward)
Published 02/20/18
For decades, victims of clerical paedophilia in Ballarat had suffered in silence. With the first conviction of Gerald Ridsdale in 1993, the wall of silence began to break.Victims were encouraged to come forward and have their day in court. But what price justice? 
Published 10/30/16
In the wake of the Ryan-Day episode in 1972, rates of clerical offending exploded in the Ballarat Diocese. Priests and religious figures preyed upon children with impunity, and victims did not know where to turn.
Published 10/23/16
The Ballarat Diocese became the epicentre of an epidemic of clerical paedophilia. The obvious question is how could thousands of children be abused without coming to the attention of police?
Published 10/16/16
Ford employees share their memories of the company with Chip Le Grand as the company concludes manufacturing cars in Australia.
Published 09/30/16
Past and present athletes speak to Nicole Jeffery about the moments that stick with those who  participate in the world's biggest sporting event.
Published 07/19/16
Farmers are furious, corporate regulators are circling and lobby groups are calling for levies. But how did we get here?
Published 05/25/16