“For sure I was wrong, I'll eat my words there.” — Corwin 2022 Corwin, DZ, Luca and Jesse are back and apologizing to the teams that they wrote off earlier in the playoffs.
Published 06/07/22
Published 06/07/22
The BarDown Squad is back! Corwin, DZ, Jesse and Luca give their takes on who they think is most deserving of the Conn Smythe trophy so far. Don't Think Just Tweet returns with some spicy topics including what Presidents' Trophy playoff exit is the most embarrassing and with the Lightning's sweep of the Panthers, should Leafs fans feel vindicated?
Published 05/25/22
Corwin, DZ, Luca and Jesse return more fired up than ever. Doubling down on who they think the remaining frauds are in the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. 
Published 05/17/22
Corwin, DZ, Luca and Jesse return to give their steamiest of takes on who they think the biggest frauds are so far. Jesse’s favourite segment is back with Don’t Think Just Tweet and they each give their own 'Loser Point'.
Published 05/12/22
What do Nick Foligno and Slappy from Goosebumps have in common? Both of them gave Corwin nightmares. The BarDown squad goes through some of the spookiest trades that could happen at the NHL Trade Deadline. 
Published 03/04/22
Who are the contenders and who are the pretenders right now in the NHL? Corwin, DZ, Luca and Jesse are back with an updated outlook of the Eastern and Western conference playoff races. Then the BarDown squad gets heated while discussing who they think are the most underrated players in the NHL today. Finally the gang busts out the mailbag to answer some questions from the YouTube comment section!
Published 02/27/22
Corwin, DZ, Luca and Jesse are back and giving out their NHL Mid Season Player awards, chatting about where they think (and maybe hope) Claude Giroux will land and also go through their biggest surprises and disappointments from the season. Plus they have three brand new events that they think will fix the NHL All-Star Skills Competition.
Published 02/04/22
Corwin, DZ, Luca and Jesse are back and this week they are ranking their Olympic favourites and letting the whole world know which NHL team has disappointed them the most so far this year. The gang also answer a few questions from the BarDown DMs!
Published 11/26/21
Corwin, DZ, Jesse and Luca are back and this time they are coming to the table with what their Olympic hockey rosters would look like for Canada and the USA. The crew also breaks down and separates who the pretenders and who the contenders in the NHL are!
Published 11/06/21
TSN's Senior Correspondent Rick Westhead joins the BarDown podcast to discuss the ongoing Blackhawks lawsuit and the reaction from the league.
Published 11/05/21
With the Jack Eichel trade rumour mill getting a slight spark, Luca, Corwin, Jesse and DZ dive into who they think could or should be in on the Sabres former captain. They gang also breaks down who their must watch "Box Office" NHL player picks are so far. Finally after an absolutely electric start to the season they ponder whether or not the bona fide superstar Connor McDavid will ever reach the 150 single-season point mark.
Published 10/23/21
The BarDown gang is BACK and the word of the day is objectivity. DZ, Corwin, Luca and Jesse predict their division winners, playoff contenders and even their Stanley Cup champion!
Published 10/12/21
The Leafs may be out but the BarDown gang is back. What does the future hold for the Leafs and how will the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs shake out?
Published 06/02/21
Would the Stanley Cup exist without women's hockey? Maybe not. Julia, Tekeyah and Corwin take a deep-dive into the long, little-known, and wildly interesting history of women's hockey and the people who've made it great.
Published 05/26/21
In this special NHL playoff preview episode Luca and Jesse join Corwin and DZ to rank the most exciting and intriguing upcoming NHL playoff matchups!
Published 05/15/21
Digital SportCentre host and gaming expert Marissa Roberto joins Corwin and DZ to explore the volatile and potentially lucrative world of NFTs and what they could look like to fans if the NHL started their very own marketplace.
Published 05/12/21
There have been a lot of historically great teams in the NHL. Some of them won Stanley Cups, most of them didn't. Corwin and DZ are back ranking the best teams who couldn't win hockey's ultimate prize.
Published 05/05/21
It's past the mid way point of the season and your favourite team has to make a decision, are they heading to the playoffs or are they abandoning all hope? Either way, trade deadline day has something to offer every fan.
Published 04/28/21
It's been a few weeks and it's time for DZ to check in on Corwin the Bubble Boy. He spills the tea on who the biggest smack talkers are at the tournament, what it's like to get COVID tested daily and if he ever gets recognized by the next group of NHL superstars.
Published 01/04/21
In the newest BarDown podcast segment, “Ranking Stuff,” Corwin and DZ reveal their list of the 10 best and 10 worst NHL first overall picks of all time.
Published 12/02/20
Jesse and Luca have taken over the Pod and with no NHL hockey until the new year, they’re FIRED up about the World Juniors. With names like Alexis Lafrenière, Jack Hughes, and Kaapo Kakko potentially playing in this year’s tournament, could this World Juniors be the best of all-time?
Published 11/25/20
After Corwin's EA account was banned for suspicious behaviour, him and DZ made a couple calls to get more familiar with the "Ultimate Team" coin markets in video games like NHL 21, FIFA 21 and Madden 21. They learn more about the tens of millions of dollars being spent on virtual video game currency, how sophisticated this market has become and the hackers who have infiltrated the games' servers.
Published 11/18/20
BarDown asked their followers to DM them their best hockey stories. Some of them were so good that Corwin and DZ called them up to hear it for themselves.
Published 11/11/20
Nike made equipment for some of the most legendary players in the NHL, but then all of a sudden, they vanished from the sport. To find out where they went and why they ventured into hockey in the first place, Daniel and Corwin make a couple calls to former Nike employees.
Published 11/04/20