Jackie enters the holiday season with a bang. She is tackling Balenciaga, tufted furniture, and everything else in her fraudulently festive wake. Grab your jingle balls and buckle up this episode is a RIDE.
Published 11/29/22
Jackie enters the holiday season with tips on how not to embarrass yourself, discusses some Katink fashion philosophies and how she broke up Harry and Olivia.   Produced By Dear Media
Published 11/22/22
Published 11/22/22
Jackie recaps her Harry Styles experience, reflects on why people hate her and dodges pink eye from Grandma Gloria   Produced By Dear Media
Published 11/16/22
After collosally f*****g up her pre-recorded episode Jackie shows the integrity of a true professional by freeballing a new episode all in the pursuit of quality control. She talks home decor, Selena Gomez and gives an exciting holiday update on friend of the show Cheryl!
Published 11/11/22
Jackie is joined by Ladygang friends Becca Tobin, Keltie Knight and Jac Vanek to talk hustle culture, babies and embarrassing wedding energy!   Produced By Dear Media
Published 11/08/22
Jackie has a psychotic break after trying to help write music for local small businesses, has a stroke at Jennifer Lopez's home decor and offers Beverley Mitchell an open cash reward to come appear on the show.
Published 11/01/22
Jackie recaps her journey to Anaheim, reviews Taylor Swift's new album and gives you some do's and don'ts for Halloween!   Produced By Dear Media
Published 10/26/22
Jackie reminisces on her old neighbor Cheryl, makes a case for child labor and dissects housewives fashion and her first time pretending to do cocaine!    
Published 10/18/22
Jackie and new friend Ali Kolbert enter an ever timely conversation on feminist issues, fronting the homeless crisis, self esteem and scissoring! 
Published 10/11/22
Jackie discusses fetishizing, her recap of "Don't Worry Darling", donating her eggs and why she stands with Kathy Hilton.   Produced By Dear Media
Published 10/04/22
Jackie celebrates the Jewish New Year by repenting for her sins and making amends to the woman she sabotaged at the Gucci outlet. She also recaps her family discussing her abortion at Rosh Hashanah and why her and Andrew may move to China. L'chaim!   Produced By Dear Media
Published 09/30/22
Jackie is back from Paris and breaks down her trip including the time she lost the opportunity to be a Princess and get a Birkin bag, pays homage to Leonardo Dicaprio and how to cast a love spell with period blood. The range!
Published 09/20/22
Jackie fantasizes about Michael Buble retiring, chats FASHION WEEK, gives a PSA on sex trafficking and breaks down the psychological trauma of the "Don't Worry Darling" press tour.  
Published 09/13/22
Jackie gets conflict free hair extensions, shares her Paris travel guide and has a sexual experience with a car salesman!
Published 09/06/22
Jackie tackles some new wellness trends, breaks down her perfect day, makes a spiritual connection with a bird and explains "Universal Reverse Psychology".
Published 08/30/22
Jackie recaps a traumatic trip to the nail salon with her Grandma Gloria who is in the desperate pursuit of Hailey Bieber nails, puts a kibosh on the fall harvest spirit and has dinner with Jimmy Kimmel!   Produced By Dear Media
Published 08/24/22
Jackie shares a traumatic story of losing an overpriced midi dress on the 101 freeway whilst transporting wood, deep dives Taylor Swift lesbian fan fiction and teaches yoy how to make a buttermilk brined fried chicken! It's called RANGE.   Produced By Dear Media
Published 08/16/22
Jackie has a few home renovation setbacks, discusses the Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson break up (oy vey), the time she robbed Jennifer Lawrence and her philanthropic bridal modeling campaign!   Produced By Dear Media
Published 08/10/22
Jackie pulls a full Winona Ryder at her latest funeral fashion show, gives marital tips on how to keep it spicy, and harnesses her inner Pocahontas!    Produced by Dear Media
Published 08/02/22
Jackie issues a public apology, shares her rough start to Leo season and how she made contact with her dead mom.   Produced By Dear Media
Published 07/26/22
Jackie explains why Michael Buble has ruined her entire life, how to find self worth at the Home Depot and what to do when you find your husband playing guitar whilst defecating.    Produced By Dear Media
Published 07/19/22
Jackie goes on a pre-Leo season bender and drops a new Halloween precautionary song for the kiddos, Jen Shah arrest, her newest act of philanthropy and why Emrata should hold off on her second book. This episode is psychotic and you are welcome.   Produced By Dear Media
Published 07/12/22
Jackie updates you on her Italian parasite, Leo season energy, Julianne Hough and her alleged tampon disposal and other legally dicey terrain.   Produced By Dear Media
Published 07/08/22
Jackie is back from Italy with memories and an alleged tapeworm. She has a rare honest moment of feminism, recaps her travels abroad, her altercation with Peta and why cookie cutters should be illegal.   Produced By Dear Media
Published 07/01/22