Jackie embraces Leo season balls deep with a trip to Mexico, an impromptu astrology guide, contact with her new neighbors and a cheap mascara theory.   Produced By Dear Media
Published 07/23/21
Jackie discusses her new wellness journey for Leo season, makes a bold case in support of Ramona Singer and remind everyone that Tila Tequila is a nazi... allegedly.   Produced By Dear Media
Published 07/14/21
Jackie discusses her parting gift to the neighborhood, her new house, deep dives Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and answers listener questions!   Produced by Dear Media
Published 07/10/21
Jackie is back restless and guestless and is in the mood to go off the f*****g rails. She discusses #freebritney, talks shit about influencer families and her impending cancellation.   Produced By Dear Media
Published 06/29/21
Jackie showcases true job security by having a year in review catch-up with Lauryn and Michael Bosstick. They discuss the vow of silence, “cancel culture”, housewives legal woes and more.    Produced By Dear Media
Published 06/22/21
Jackie and friend Amanda Hirscho from podcast "Not Skinny But Not Fat" do a Emrata deep dive and kibbitz over pop culture b******t.   Produced By Dear Media
Published 06/15/21
Jackie is back in studio for the first time in a year and a half whilst testing HR policies and prank calling listeners. She gives financial advice (yikes), sells her husbands semen and changes one listeners life. Not really.   Produced By Dear Media
Published 06/08/21
Jackie recites new poetry inspired by former neighbor Cheryl, has a driveby exorcism in Camarillo, recaps RHOBH and discusses her impending MOVE.   Produced by Dear Media
Published 06/01/21
Jackie is bacl from hawaii and cloaked in shame. She apologizes for her cringey social media content, breaks down the Bennifer reboot and probably gets herself cancelled... again.   Produced by Dear Media
Published 05/27/21
Jackie gets her sphincter lasered, creates a fake Instagram for her husband and has the harsh realization that she may never see Cheryl again.   Produced By Dear Media
Published 05/18/21
Jackie is unraveling live from Atlanta amidst a girls trip with friends Heather McMahan and new field producer Jennifer Garner!    Produced By Dear Media
Published 05/13/21
Jackie talks about her traumatic golden shower experience, books a trip on the Goop cruiseline and discusses "Kravis" hype and anal sex.   Produced by Dear Media
Published 05/04/21
Jackie discusses her emotional reprieve techniques, the peaches makeup challenge, Real Housewives Allstars and the time she got bamboozled into buying a carafe.   Produced by Dear Media
Published 04/27/21
Jackie discusses Colton Underwood and the "poophole loophole", wine tasting, lots of other things she can't really remember and why Demi Lovato should stick to sorbet.   Produced by Dear Media
Published 04/20/21
Jackie gets baptized after a demonic bowl of poke, discussed the highly anticipated sequel to "Frankly, Anne" and offers free public relation guidance to Rachel Hollis and Khloe Kardashian. Produced by Dear Media
Published 04/13/21
Jackie discusses her new podcast venture, her demon possession, self defense tactics and her emotional experience with Billie Eillish.   Produced By Dear Media
Published 04/06/21
Jackie recaps Passover, inconsistencies with celebrities and their social issues and her journey with health and wellness.
Published 03/30/21
Jackie has a dental emergency, explores her toxic relationship with Costco, gives Emrata some words of discouragement and probably gets disinvited from future dinner parties.
Published 03/23/21
Jackie deals with her Grammy nomination snub, why some funerals feel like low budge Coachella and delights with some new poetry she penned after a few cocktails of despair.
Published 03/16/21
Jackie has a tryst with John Mayer, talks Megan and Harry and recaps some of her psychotic behavior all in the spirit of International Women's Day!
Published 03/09/21
Jackie becomes unglued while watching red carpet coverage, teaches you how to make a roast chicken and slaps an innocent samaritan at a local strip mall.
Published 03/02/21
Jackie has awkward run in with new neighbor who thinks her name is Brenda, tries to summon Lucifer to haunt her future home and pays homage to Heather Gay, side parts and white dudes with tequila brands.
Published 02/23/21
Jackie is joined by Hannah Berner to discuss a myriad of things that will ultimately get them the presidential suite whilst burning in the depths of hell.
Published 02/16/21
Jackie reminisces on her 6 year anniversary of the podcast and tells the f****d up slash dark "fairytale" of how it all began.   
Published 02/09/21
Jackie talks about bringing Grandma Gloria to "Paris" and how she nearly died over steak frites, why Andrew and her almost divorced and what to do when you catch your significant other watching porn!
Published 02/02/21