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This week on Brilliant Idiots Charlamagne Andrew, and Wax discuss Dwyane Wade saying the next generation will forget Michael Jordan, Chinese basketball fans using racial slurs, Pastor Michael Todd smearing spit on his brothers face, Ask and Idiots and more!! Get Your tickets to Wax's, "Bully and...
Published 01/21/22
This week on the podcast the crew discuss what to expect from the meta Verse, Kanye's latest antics, the 10 Year challenge, Steve Harvey announcing he is no longer doing stand up, Antonio Brown, and more!
Published 01/14/22
This episode Charlamagne, Andrew Schulz and Wax are back, with their brilliant and definitely idiotic thoughts on this weeks trending topics. But first, it was a must to discuss our Schulzy tying the knot with his new wife and having the BARZ when it came to his vows. Next, it seems that Schulz...
Published 01/07/22