This week DJ Hed drops by with Charlamange The God and Andrew Schulz and they discus the new Joker movie, Charlamange talks his experience at the Tyler Perry studios and meeting Bill Clinton, Andrew drinking out of a shortchanged in Australia, and much more!!!
Published 10/10/19
Andrew is back from Australia, Ryan Holiday drops by to talk the meaning of his latest book "Stillness Is Key", life lessons, hot topics, and much more!!!
Published 10/04/19
Andrew is out in Australia so the Guys Next Door podcast (Mouse Jones, Mack Wilds, and FlyRy) fills in for Andrew and with Charlamange Tha God they discuss Telashi 69's snitching, parenting, who should and shouldn't start a podcast, and much more!!!
Published 09/26/19
This week Charlamange and Andrew discuss, Bill Maher and fat shaming, Killer Mike at Revolt, gay weddings, Tim Tebow's comments and lots more
Published 09/19/19
This week Charlamange and Andrew discuss eating helathy, Antonio Brown's week, what is freedom, and lots more!!!
Published 09/12/19
This Week the Flagrant 2 boys Kaz & Akaash stop by with Charlamange and Andrew and they discuss, Malik Yoba’a comments, Charlamange talks about being on HBO’s The Shop and the conversations the episode started, and more!!!
Published 09/05/19
This week Andrew and Charlamange talk about Chappelle's new special, chicken sandwich wars, Andrew talk about he new comedy special, more chicken, Kapernick, chicken, people being critical of Jay-z, charlamange eats some chicken, and more!!! Check out Andrew Schulz's "The Crowd Work" special on youtube https://youtu.be/nS_6c4PyJvg
Published 08/29/19
This week Angela Rye and Lenard discuss Kapernick, Jay-z and the NFL, Popeyes and tHe power of social media, Jean Cramer's racist comments and more!!!! Subscribe to Sibling Rivalry on iTunes: podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/sibl…st/id1466787788 Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/siblingrivalry-podcast/
Published 08/28/19
This week Star Brim sits in with CThaGod and Andrew and talks about growing up in Brooklyn, being in locked up, life lessons she's learned, how she became friends Cardi B, Humble the Poet drops in too, and more!!!
Published 08/22/19
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Published 08/20/19
Andrew is back from Japan, Jah (@HipHopObama) & Comedian Aida Rodriguez stop by and discuss Jay-Z's deal with the NFL, Kapernick, Andrew talk about his Japan experience, Jeffery Epstein conspiracy, latest in politics, and more!!!
Published 08/15/19
Miko Grimes, Wayne, and Intern John return this week and discuss A$AP Rocky, breast milk, Hip Hop top 50 list, NBA legends, and lots more!!!
Published 08/08/19
This week Andrew is back and Glasses Malone and Tazz join the podcast and talk, R. Kelly, Democratic debate, Trump in 2020, reperation, Lebron Vs. Bird, and lots more!!
Published 08/01/19
This week Mandi B (WHOREIble Decisions Podcast)Carla Wilmaris (Sh!t I'm 30 Podcast)& returning guest Mouse Jones(Guys Next Door Podcast) sit with Chalamange and discuss A$AP Rocky, Euphoria on HBO, parenting, Nicole Murphy and Antoine Fuqua, and more!!!
Published 07/25/19
This week Charlamange and Andrew discuss, crackheads, Beto O'rourke. Trump's racist tweet, what is #HotGirlSummer and #CityGirlSummer, plus lots more!!!
Published 07/18/19
This week Nefertiti Jaquez sits with Charlamange and Andrew and they discuss the licking food trend, Michelle Obama, ASAP Rocky being locked up in Sweden, and more!!!
Published 07/11/19
This week, entrepreneur, author, venture capitalist, podcaster, James Altucher is on the podcast with Andrew Schulz and talks about making and losing millions of dollars several times throughout his life, keys to success, doing comedy, and more!!
Published 07/04/19
This week Charlamange and Andrew discuss, Democrats running for president, being on joe Rogan, having kids, BET awards, and lots more!!!
Published 06/27/19
This week Charlamange and Andrew discuss, Fathers day, Bill Cosby, Lavar Ball, OJ Simpson, and lots more!!!
Published 06/20/19
This week Charlamange and Andrew discuss, #BlackManDontCheat, NBA Finals, Andrew talks about his experience at a gay bar, and more!!!
Published 06/13/19
Miko Grimes is back! This week Charlamange Andrew, and Miko discuss, Jay-Z becoming a billionaire, Anthony Joshua fight, When They See Us on Netflix and more!!!
Published 06/06/19
Sibling Rivalry: Episode 02 by Charlamange Tha God and Andrew Schulz
Published 06/01/19
This week Charlamange and Andrew discuss, hemmroids, politics, DaBaby’s fight in the mall, residency’s in Vegas, and lots more!!!
Published 05/30/19
This week Humble the Poet drops by the podcast an talks about his book Unlearn, Wax clears up his poop comments that went viral, and lots more!!!
Published 05/24/19
This week former professional mixed martial artist and comedian Brendan Schaub stops by the podcast, we wish Taylor happy birthday, talk NBA, Blac Chyna's breakfast club interview and more.
Published 05/17/19