Real conversation with Senator Hollier about mental health and could it have a possible effect on mass shootings.
Published 04/19/21
This week with the Senator we talk about covid numbers in Michigan. Also we dive deep into the current events of the viral body cam video of police officers stopping a military man. Plus, this weekend police shooting that left a young man dead.
Published 04/12/21
Learn About MSU Federal Credit Union. How To Become A Member Of The MSU Federal Credit Union. What Benefits Do You Offer Members? You Hear A Lot About Credit And Financial Success, What Can You Tell Us About Them? Do You Provide Financial Education?
Published 04/07/21
Talking about the new season of FAMILY REUNION on Netflix. Plus, I reveal a secret I've never even told my family to her.
Published 04/07/21
Great conversation with Tommy, from The Steve Harvey Show, on the new season..
Published 04/01/21
Finally, I got the boys side of Tyler Perry's Sistas and how it is to work with Tyler.
Published 03/30/21
Bebe Winans talks about Tuesday's nights Our OWN Easter special.
Published 03/29/21
Senator Gary Peters discusses the American Rescue Plan to help get everyone vaccinated.
Published 03/29/21
Learn how to get vaccinated and how republicans have attempted to change the way we vote.
Published 03/29/21
Senator Hollier tells us when you can expect your stimulus money and vaccine shots in Michigan.
Published 03/15/21
When you think of Detroit you automatically think of Trick Trick. We talk in-depth about the city, his rise to fame, and more.
Published 03/11/21
On International Woman's Day, Maurielle Lou had an exclusive conversation with the co-founder of the tequila company from Detroit.
Published 03/11/21
Here is popping' this week in Detroit with Senator Adam Hollier.
Published 03/02/21
"Hate Has No Home Here" Senator Adam Hollier talks about the KKK flag in Grosse Pointe window. The amazing rally that the community put together to stomp out racism.
Published 02/22/21
Polo Frost drops a new song while still viral on TikTok with Best Ever. Then the conversation goes to bath water so make sure you listen.
Published 02/19/21
Senator Adam Hollier talks what to expect this week in Michigan politics and more.
Published 02/16/21
A serious discussion with producer Alexandra Shiva about the rise in teenage suicide. In a new MTV documentary we talk about 9 survivors who share their story and journey. Plus, we talk about teenage numbers in the state of Michigan & the challenges with teens during the pandemic. If you or anyone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255
Published 02/14/21
Senator Adam Hollier talks about mental during the pandemic, how to get on the list for the Covid shot, and more.
Published 02/08/21
Susan served as the 27th United States ambassador to the United Nations and as the 24th United States national security advisor. She know politics and discusses her feeling on the current leaders and why we should all vote.
Published 10/29/20
Learn more about Douglas Emhoff, Husband Of Kamala Harris Candidate for US Vice President.
Published 10/26/20
Mikey Eckstein, Josh Landon and Chuck Bennett, 3 of Detroit’s most “in the know”. Join these socially influential gentlemen as they talk everything Detroit and beyond… Entertainment, Politics, Current events and more. Subscribe to them now at https://www.iheart.com/podcast/1248-talkish-70003549/
Published 10/07/20
#CodyRhodes talks the 1 year anniversary of #AEW. He also talks about growing up in a #wrestling family. Don't miss the 1 year anniversary broadcast on October 14th.
Published 10/05/20
On September 26, boxing fans will be treated to two stacked fight cards on one night for one price. Brandon #Figueroa vs. Damien #Vasquez for the WBA Super Bantamweight Title is on the under card. I talked to both them on training during the pandemic and how they’re going into this fight. Purchase the #CHARLO DOUBLEHEADER within the SHOWTIME app, or order online at #SHOWTIME.com or, you can contact your pay-per-view provider.
Published 09/16/20
Brenda Lawrence speaks on #Trump and #Biden visit to Michigan. We also discussed the importance of people speaking up and voting and how they can. What we need to do to reunite the country from the depressing separation we are going through right now.
Published 09/14/20
Former NFL wide receiver Andrew “Hawk” Hawkins is one of the hosts of Dodgeball Thunderdome, a new competition series in which Discovery Channel reimagines the classic grade school game into an epic sporting adventure. Dodgeball was a game of fun or fear depending on where you stood in the middle school pecking order. Now, the game takes place on a 13.8-acre specially constructed site in which contestants face off in extraordinary challenges where strength matters but so does strategy, quick...
Published 09/01/20