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New York Times bestselling author and record-setting TED talk speaker, Susan Cain, talks about her love of C.S. Lewis, a longing for home everyone feels, what's wrong with a world set up to reward extroverts, and the beauty of melancholy and how it can enrich your life and leadership. Check out...
Published 05/24/22
Former Business Made Simple COO, Tim Schurrer, outlines what he learned working with Donald Miller, with TOMs shoes and initially with Apple retail. He discusses pivotal decisions, how abundance mentality wins out and why burning the ships is the right thing to do in leadership.   Discover how...
Published 05/17/22
Dr. John Delony talks about the impact of current culture on people including why married people have stopped having sex, the impact of isolation, theological malpractice, and why so many young leaders are angry.
Published 05/12/22