Ep. 90: Common Club-Level Chess Mistakes: Matching, Punishing, “Temper Tantrum” Chess & More
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This week we take a deep dive into some of the most common thematic mistakes that club players make on a regular basis. Most of them have to do with misguided tournament strategies and mishandling your opponent, rather than a lack of chess theory. Chapters: (00:00) - Intro (04:08) - The 3 Most Missed Moves (08:19) - Misreading Defensive Moves (11:20) - Brain Fog (13:40) - Matching (16:45) - "Temper Tantrum" Chess (20:34) - Punishing (25:29) - Chess Theater (30:27) - "Active" Moves (33:33) - Early Pawn Overextensions (36:06) - Clock Management (42:02) - Accepting Disruptive Behavior (47:07) - Outro 🎯 Support the Show:  Patreon Buy Me a Coffee📧 If you have a question or topic idea for a future episode, e-mail us at [email protected]. 🔗 Our links: WebsiteTwitter (X)YouTube
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Published 02/25/24
Welcome to our 100th episode! Be sure to check out our new and improved website. Same address, updated look. This week, we explore five universal responses for Black. These can be played against any first move by White.  In this episode: Listener Mailbag 1…g6 (Modern Defense) Hippopotamus...
Published 02/25/24