Published 08/04/22
This week the girls and the ginger are talking about pets, pests, and plagues. They learn about all of the worst infestations in history, and debate having a bug as a pet, saving the world by singing into your phone, and the plague doctor costume. Plus, capybaras!
Published 08/04/22
There’s nothing more intriguing than a peek behind the curtain of an elusive and exclusive world… What’s even more seductive is being welcomed into it. On episode 207, Jac and Lex explore the elicit and sometimes violent world of Motorcycle Clubs, specifically, the Gypsy Joker Outlaws.
Published 08/03/22
This week the girls and the ginger learn about the most messed up way to make a burger. They debate In N Out fries, breakfast all day, and a cheese-less burger. Plus, when stealing a Pog gets slammed into your mind forever!
Published 07/28/22
On August 6, 2000, a 15 year old student walking not far from his home in Los Angeles is snatched off the street. Little does anyone know, he’ll never see his family again. When details emerge about what preceded the young man’s disappearance and what transpired afterwards, the motive, sequence of events and the many people involved make it seem like something out of a movie. In fact, it does become a movie, which only adds fuel to the fire, thanks to a state prosecutor having a questionable...
Published 07/27/22
This week the girls and the ginger celebrate the anniversary of the moon landing by diving into space related conspiracy theories! They debate lobster ice cream, “the crunch”, and picking money up off the ground. Plus, we discovered the gateway to hell!
Published 07/21/22
On September 9, 2016, a 47 year old off duty firefighter attends to assist a vehicle which is stuck in the mud on a road on the outskirts of town. Before the night is over, the man will be dead and his devastated wife inconsolable. When an arrest is made, those who knew the victim are in disbelief. Because there’s more than one person involved in this dark and twisted story, and the motive is truly chilling. In episode 205, Jac and Alexis detail the case of Robert “Bob” Poynter and how his...
Published 07/20/22
This week the girls and the ginger put on their berets for a French themed KT! They debate frog legs, ice in drinks, and conversing with your plane seat mate. Plus they go through France’s most bizarre laws. Au revoir!
Published 07/14/22
Internet technology evolves faster than any of us can keep up with. And as more and more of our lives are spent online, criminals are adapting. They’re exercising ingenuity, and concocting creative new ways to harm, victimize, and exploit the most vulnerable. This story is about one of those criminals: a pedophile who thought he was untouchable…only he wasn’t.
Published 07/13/22
This week the girls and the ginger dive into the fascinating phenomenon of the Mandela Effect, and go through some of the craziest false memories from our recent history. They debate the concept of flavor blasted, carpets in airports, and sponges. Plus the best Worstie Firstie revenge involving puzzle pieces!
Published 07/07/22
In July of 1999, Racine County, WI Law Enforcement was called to the scene of a female victim who had been left in a cornfield. Based on her injuries, she'd suffered years of abuse and had been killed within 24 hours of being placed in the field. In the decades that followed, law enforcement agencies used every resource at their disposal in an effort to not only identify the victim, but also hone in on her killer. The answers to these questions wouldn't be revealed until 2019, and the person...
Published 07/06/22
This week the girls and the ginger dive into the messiest celebrity divorces of the 2000s, starting with the iconic Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey. They debate over-preparing for a trip, 2 drink maximums at brunch, and shar pei tails. Plus the most heartwarming Worstie Firstie we’ve ever received.
Published 06/30/22
Following soldier Deirdre Aguigui’s untimely death in July 2011, her husband Isaac becomes disenchanted with the military and government. For the next five months, Isaac and a small group of fellow soldiers spend the majority of Isaac’s $500,000 life insurance payout to get back payback. Multiple law enforcement agencies know what Isaac and his group are up to, but it’s not until two more innocent people are murdered that anyone is stopped. In episode 202, Jac, Alexis, and Billy detail how...
Published 06/29/22
In 2010, a soldier in her early 20s returns to the US from a deployment to Iraq - she’d been injured in a mortar attack. She and her husband settle into an apartment located on Fort Stewart, Georgia. They soon get pregnant, and are both beyond excited to be parents. But on July 17, all that excitement comes crashing down when the woman dies inside their on-base apartment. Her husband tells everyone he found her unresponsive, and that she died as a result of the injuries she sustained in Iraq....
Published 06/22/22
This week the girls and the goth discuss all of the movies inspired by real life killers, starting with the classic: Psycho. They debate audiobook gate keepers, peeing on the toilet seat, and the gloriousness of Topo Chico. Also a tangent about plane crashes!
Published 06/16/22
A 20 year old woman escapes an abusive relationship, and moves into her own place, taking her young son along with her. She starts working at a job she loves, and focuses on providing a better life for her and her son. But just as things are starting to really look up for the woman, she’s found beaten and strangled in her South Carolina home. In episode 200, Jac, Alexis, and Billy detail the murder of Melissa “Missy” Clary, a victim of domestic violence in both life and death.
Published 06/15/22
This week the girls and the goth do a deep dark dive into Donald Duck’s possible involvement in WWII. They debate $35 beers, wooden utensils, and not throwing your trash away properly. Oh, and muppet is our new official word used to insult people!
Published 06/09/22
On October 21, 2020, two brothers aged in their early twenties are gunned down at their home in Wolcott, Indiana. Their bodies are discovered the next day. In the following days, police get a tip off that a 20 year old woman may know something about the shootings. When she’s interviewed, she admits to being at the scene of the crime with her boyfriend and his associate. She denies being involved in any shooting, and it soon becomes a matter of ‘he said, she said’. But the stories of the three...
Published 06/08/22
This week the girls and the goth dive into all of the poor, poor inventors who were murdered by the very things they crested. They debate the two soy sauce maximum, the Mexican Pizza, and the concept of a table soup. Plus, how much is too much cheese?
Published 06/02/22
On December 12, 2021, a 34 year old Kansas man is arrested on a misdemeanor count of property damage. As fate would have it, the man’s cellmate is a family friend who fronts him half the money to pay his bond. On the night of the 13th, the 34 year old man is released from jail. Less than three hours later, his body is found in the back of a truck - he’d been brutally murdered. In episode 198, Jac, Alexis, and Billy dig in to the murder of Matthew Kelly and try to make sense of why anyone...
Published 06/01/22
This week the girls and the goth put their fangs in and dive into the dark history of Dracula! They debate charcuterie vending machines, binging TV shows, and the word moist. And real question: was Dracula hot or nah?
Published 05/26/22
In December 1975, Lisa Peak helps authorities bring down John Carmody, the head of a sex trafficking extortion ring. By September 1976, Lisa, now 19 years old, is starting to move on with her life. She moves into the dorms for her sophomore year at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. Two days later, she’s found dead. The obvious suspect is Carmody, but he’s still behind bars, so authorities look into the possibility that Lisa’s murder is connected to the unsolved murders of 14 year old Valerie...
Published 05/25/22
This week the girls and the goth learn all about Henry VIII’s 6 wives (victims) and all of his bizarre medieval gaslighting. They debate bartender gatekeeping, iced water vs room temp, and if it’s an abomination for servers to call tap water “sink water”. Fun fact: did you know catfishing was invented in the 1500s?
Published 05/19/22
In the fall of 1975, Lisa Peak is a freshman journalism student at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa when she is trapped into a sex trafficking extortion ring run by a sick and twisted man named John Carmody. After months of abuse, Lisa goes to the police and helps secure a conviction against him. With Carmody behind bars, Lisa tries to move on with her life - she decides to write a book about her experiences and she re-enrolls at Wartburg. But only one day after she moves into the all girls...
Published 05/18/22
This week the girls and the goth learn about all the wild predictions The Simpsons made throughout the years. They debate unpacking your suitcase right away, nacho cheese, and judging people by their book covers. PLUS! Is "you're not cool" the best dig ever?
Published 05/12/22