Join us in this episode as we sit down with industry legend Howard Preston. With a career spanning over 40 years, Howard’s groundbreaking innovations have left an indelible mark on the film industry.
Published 03/07/24
Published 03/07/24
Another Shifting Focus episode with Mathias Näslund, Co-founder of CRDBAG in Sweden.
Published 01/22/24
SPANISH Episode of the Shifting Focus Series, introducing Miguel López and Maria Lacasa, both 1st ACs from Madrid and their CamKeeper App.
Published 12/28/23
In this first Episode of the Shifting Focus Series, we are talking with Los Angeles based first AC Jason Knoll, who is the founder of ”Make Your Cart Go”.
Published 12/17/23
In this episode we are talking with 1st AC Guile Huertas Aiguaviva, hosted by Fabio Giolitti.
Published 12/06/22
In our 20th episode, we are having two special guests. ASC DP Lawrence Sher and his 1st AC in crime Julie Donovan share some amazing stories. They have done over 15 films together, such as The Joker, Hangover and many more, working together for more than 20 years.
Published 08/17/22
In this Episode 1st AC Nick Cutway, from L.A. is talking with Nicholas Cole Brown, of how he started in the film industry. They are also talking about Nick’s favorite LCS system and the good old days of film.
Published 05/30/22
In the second part of the FPAW podcast with Local 600 1st AC Brian Aichlmayr from Houston Texas, Dennis Kuehnel and Brian are focusing on the technical aspects of focus pulling and the gears, which Brian uses for his job. They are chatting about the battle of the FIZes, range finders, and the accessories which makes life easier on set. If you haven't yet, you can follow Brian on his Instagram account: @brianaichlmayr We hope you enjoy this episode. Stay tuned for more! If you are working...
Published 04/27/22
In this episode, our new podcast team member Meghan Commons has the pleasure to talk to Brian Aichlmayr. Brian is a 1st AC from Houston, Texas and you probably know him from his IG account @brianaichlmayr  In this episode, Brian is sharing some background stories about how he has started as a focus puller and a few mile stones in his career.  We will also have a follow-up episode with Brian (hosted by Dennis Kuehnel), where we will deep dive into the technical aspects and tools, Brian...
Published 04/19/22
In this episode we are chatting with UK based 1st AC Alex Rawson.  This episode is hosted by Dennis Kühnel.
Published 03/03/22
In this episode we are introducing 1st AC Meghan Commons from Kansas City.
Published 02/23/22
In this episode Dennis Kühnel is inviting Chris Steel, a 1st AC from London. Chris is giving a deep dive of how to operate with the Preston Light Ranger and how it compares to other range finders, like the Focusbug.
Published 02/16/22
In this episode we are talking to 1st AC Jeff Marks from Oklahoma City. Jeff has been a 1st AC since over 8 years, working mostly on indie features and also teaches a class in his off-time.
Published 12/09/21
In this episode we have the pleasure to tap with 1st AC Emily-Jane Robinson, aka Emmy. Emmy has not only been a 1st AC for over 12 years, she also has started her own rental company, called Emmyland, based in the UK.
Published 12/01/21
In this episode we are talking to Dave Tolsky of HollyWood AC Front Boxes.  Dave has been working as a 1st AC and camera operator for over 30 years and has been working on big sitcoms, like Will & Grace and Seinfeld.
Published 11/16/21
In this episode we are honored to welcome 1st AC Lwandisa Joko, from South Africa.
Published 10/04/21
In this episode we are introducing our last team member of the focuspulleratwork Podcast, Dennis Kühnel from Germany.
Published 09/01/21
In our 8th episode we are excited to interview 1st AC Aurel Wunderer from Germany.
Published 08/25/21
In our 7th episode we are excited to interview 1st AC Justin Simpson from New York.
Published 08/11/21
In our 6th episode we are talking with Hendrik Voss and Christine Ajayi-Scheuring, who are both product managers at ARRI ECS.
Published 08/05/21
In our 5th episode we are excited to interview Local600, 1st AC Simon England from Los Angeles.
Published 07/28/21
In our 4rd episode we are excited to welcome Local600, 1st AC Evan Luzi from Washington D.C. from theblackandblue.com blog.
Published 07/21/21
In our 3rd episode we are introducing Local600, 1st AC Andrew Bradford from Charlotte, North Carolina, who is also one of the FPAW podcast hosts.
Published 07/14/21
In our second episode we are introducing 1st AC David "DI" Ishida, from Minnesota, US, who is also a team member of the FPAW Podcast team.
Published 07/07/21